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10 Powerful Habits that can Make you Wonder Girl

Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash

We all wish we could do everything, don’t we?

I want to do meaningful work, have great friendships, take care of my family, have good health, have great hair and skin, sing like a mermaid, dance like a pro, code like a pro, learn martial arts, and what not.

Am I able to do it or not is a different question altogether. But I do try.

These are some great techniques that have helped me to try to “have it all” —


For me, meditation is like linking my mind to a higher consciousness. That link, once established at the right frequency for the right amount of time, helps throw out all the garbage and brings in infinite creativity.

A clear mind functions much better, and in turn leads to getting more work done in less time.

Talking to people

I know this one seems a little out of the blue. But talking to random strangers on the road, asking the cab driver about his day, chatting with the maid, helps me establish that connection with the world around me. And in the end, that is what I want to work for — for the people. It helps me gain clarity, think from an entirely new perspective about life, and sometimes gives me ideas for new problems that I can aim to solve.

Having faith

Having faith has helped me navigate the toughest trenches with the utmost ease. You need not have faith in God or some religion. Just have faith in the universe that you are a part of. Have faith that good things will happen to you and they will. And even if they don’t, you always learn from the experience.

Travelling Alone

I love going out alone. It helps me think and analyze situations more effectively. Go out, watch a movie alone, take yourself out on a date. This way you connect more with the inside world rather than the outside one, and in turn you get more creative.

Writing in my journal

Writing helps me purge all my negative thoughts and gives me a clean slate. Writing daily gives me kind of a map of my thoughts, and helps me clearly set goals and deadlines.

Being around my cheerleaders

Whenever I am down, I absolutely avoid negative people. That time, I like being around my “cheerleaders” — people who believe in me, and who are going to be there for me, always. My parents, my sister, my friends — they all know very well how to make me smile.

Valuing my time as a sacred entity

One thing I hate the most is wasted time — be it mine or anyone else’s. I absolutely hate people who waste their time. And by wasting, I mean spending time on things you don’t really enjoy, and you are doing it just because “you are supposed to”.

Your time is precious. It is all you have.

Loving myself

I used to hate myself. And that was slowly poisoning me. The single best thing you can do for yourself, right here, right now is make a resolve never to put yourself down again for anything, and loving yourself fully, exactly as you are.

Self love is the key to doing more, being more and living better.

Never quitting

Don’t be afraid to go to insane lengths to follow your dreams. Even if it involves working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, even if people label you as “over-ambitious”, or “cold-hearted bitch”, do not, ever, quit.


Although I am guilty of not exercising regularly, I could not not include this point. You need to be healthy if you really want to become wonder girl. Regular exercise not only helps in weight maintenance, it is also a great way to manage your hormones and mood swings.

Final Thoughts

To end this, I truly feel that if you have enough conviction, and discipline to be true to yourself, you can lead a fulfilled life that is full of adventure and happiness.