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10 Precious Organization Tips To Enhance Your Work-Life

Organization Work-Life

Here I am bit straight to the point and in simple words —

  1. Write every task down, don’t try to remember your tasks, so there is nothing that you forgot about.
  2. Everybody now has devices, synchronize all your devices so that you have access everywhere.
  3. Put reminders for things to remember.
  4. Plan out your day, week, or a month earlier on a calendar (using paper calendar is best) so that you can set in your mind early what to do next.
  5. Try to get balance, learn to manage your sleep, it may not possible every day to sleep at the same time for same hours, so try to manage it.
  6. Learn to say ‘NO’, you can’t please everybody all the time. And if you can not please yourself, you will not able to take care of anybody else.
  7. Prioritize exercise, healthy eating and quiet time for yourself.
  8. De-clutter your life, just looking and searching for different things if not in right place simply wastes time, so try to put things in their right place after every use, and have designated place for your things.
  9. Do what makes you feel at peace, gives you strength, and keeps you calm. It may be reading some book, may be going to temple, church, or your mosque and meeting or talking to a dear one.
  10. Remind yourself that ‘yes,’ you can do it and let things go which are not important.

Trust me it will go a long way.