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10 Small Changes To Build Accessibility Into Your Website

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

Building an accessible website is important, not just for your users, but for search spiders and maximizing views, interaction, and sales. Here are 10 small changes that will build accessibility into your website.

  1. Use HTML headings, but only one <h1> per page.
  2. If every button and link on the page says “shop now shop now shop now shop now shop now,” a non-GUI user is going to be confused out of their mind. Make sure you describe what the link will lead to. “Shop Yellow Shoes” is much more descriptive.
  3. Make sure to mark up lists as lists <ul> rather than paragraphs <p>. This includes navigation.
  4. Color test for contrast. A sizable percentage of the population has some sort of color blindness affecting the way a webpage might look. There are many web services that check for color issues.
  5. Always add captions / transcripts to video
  6. Use the alt text on images to actually describe the image — especially if the image is a product for sale.
  7. Use HTML5 landmarks such as <nav> <header> <main> <footer>
  8. Create a link in the navigation that skips the rest of the links. If a user is interacting via a screen reader, excessive navigation links are beyond frustrating.
  9. For any form on your website, make sure to add on-focus styling.
  10. Make sure tables are ONLY used to display actual data.

I hope that this helps you create accessibility in your website. 🙂

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