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Code Like A Girl

10 steps to get started with computer programming and build your app/website for free

  1. Choose a technology and set a goal
  2. Join an online course
  3. Brain Storm some ideas that can help you get things done at work or at home
  4. Make a wireframe or outline your idea in a google doc (include tools like canva,
  5. Search on google and github for reference code and open source projects
  6. Code your app/website or whatever you want to build
  7. Post questions on stackoverflow, and other websites
  8. Search on Google for answers to common coding questions and debugging errors
  9. Deploy your code on free app hosting platforms (heroku, ibm bluemix etc.)
  10. Test your code and repeat the cycle from step 7 to 10 until you have what you wanted to build

Sharing my personal experience, I learned using the above mentioned way and developed an application. Will elaborate this further.