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100 Days of Code Challenge: Completed!

A selection of projects that I completed during the 100 Days of Code Challenge.

I completed the 100 Days of Code Challenge where I spent at least one hour coding for 100 days (in a row!!!). I originally started learning to code this year because I wanted to be able to customize the design of a blog I wanted to create. Now I’m hooked! Below is a recap of everything I have accomplished during the past 100 days.

What I Learned

I started the challenge with some beginner knowledge in CSS and HTML. Now I have the ability to build complex web applications. Below is an outline of some of the various frameworks, tools and languages that I learned during the challenge.

HTML (Slim, Pug)

CSS (Sass, Neat, Flexbox)

JavaScript (Vue.js, Node.js, jQuery)

Tools & Backend (Git, Github, MongoDB, REST APIs, Heroku)

Testing (Test Driven Development, Travis CI, Postman)

Design (Mobile First Design, Wireframing, Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch, Affinity Designer)

What I Created

CSS Images

One of my favorite projects was the Daily CSS Image Challenge, which was created by Michael Mangialardi. You sign up via email and receive prompts each weekday such as bear cub, keyboard, and so on, and are challenged to create a CSS image inspired by the prompt. You can take this free course created by Michael to learn how to make CSS images.

*note: GIFs might take a minute to load.

First CSS image (bear cub) vs one of the latest animated images (cat phone)

Highlighted CSS Images

In addition to the Cat iPhone above, here are more of my favorite CSS images.

Additional CSS Images

You can view all of my CSS images at CodePen.


I completed quite a few projects during the challenge. Below are some of the highlights.


Take a short quiz to receive movie musical recommendations. This app utilizes The Movie Database API and was built with jQuery/Javascript, Sass and illustrations created in Illustrator.

Demo MusicalPicks Here

Hamilton Quiz App

A simple quiz app about Hamilton the Musical. Created using jQuery, Sass and illustrations created in Illustrator.

Demo the Hamilton Quiz Here

Quote Machine

Random inspirational quotes for women project created for Free Code Camp.

Demo the Random Quote Machine Here

Free Code Camp Tribute Page

Tribute page to Leonard Nimoy for Free Code Camp.

Demo the Leonard Nimoy Tribute Page Here

Current Projects

I am currently in the middle of creating my first Node project (screenshot of some of the wireframes are in the header image). More information to come soon!


I attended a ton of Meetups the past 100 days. Here is a list of some of the Meetups I attended:

Introduction to JavaScript

Ruby on Rails: Beginners Night!

Build a Game with JavaScript

Build a Web App with JavaScript & jQuery

How to Use Version Control in Git and Github

Build a Twitter Bot with Basic Python

Getting Started with Developer Tools

An Introduction to Software Testing

Shortcuts and Automation: How to Develop Like a Pro

Design for Developers

Intro to Git

Getting Started in Data Science

Intro to Data Science with Python: Predict the Oscars

Favorite Resources

And finally, here are a list of some of my favorite resources.

Daily UI

JavaScript 30

Mackenzie Child — Product designer and Illustrator. He creates videos about design and illustration, as well as Webflow. He has a live stream series called Watch Me Practice where you can observe him designing in Illustrator.

The Futur — This channel is hosted by Chris Do, who is a designer. Topics range from freelancing tips to portfolio critiques.

The Net Ninja — This is a great channel to view for all types of coding tutorials from CSS animation tutorials to REST API tutorials.

The result?

(Updated Jan 2018)

To see my daily progress, follow me on Twitter @musicalwebdev.