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1000 Followers! Thank you!

Today the Code Like A Girl publication reached 1000 followers! Sean Yo and I want to humbly thank you for choosing to read and support this publication! We are grateful every time you read, respond, recommend, tweet, and share the publication’s stories.

We strongly believe that it is important to create a forum to discuss issues women face in technology, how to support it, and celebrate the strides we are making.

Our writers have risen to this challenge and blown us away with the amazing content they have chosen to include in this publication. Thank you to all our writers for your amazing and thought provoking content.

I wanted to highlight a few of these impressive stories for you.

An Open Letter To The First Years

A story written by Clarisse Schneider about what it has been like for her and her friends as software developers. I love how honest and brave this piece is!

What Happened When I Talked Openly About Sexism In Tech

Often times women share the stories of how hard it can be in tech. I loved this piece because it talked about the aftermath of sharing one of those stories. It is a compelling story by Gretchen Hellman!

On Being a Male Feminist

Paul Verbeek admitted to the world that for years he ignored sexist comments, made in the office, even though he didn’t agree with them until just a few months ago when he decided to take a risk and speak out. Thank you Paul. The situation for Women In Tech won’t fully turn around until more men identify as feminists as well.

These are only three of the amazing stories that were published in Code Like A Girl in the four months since we began. Check out the rest here.

Again thanks so much for your readership and support! I am looking forward to all the content yet to come!

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