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Month: November 2015

Code Like A Girl

I’m one of the guys.

I don’t think there’s anyone who would disagree with that statement. I’m an female engineering student with a tomboyish attitude, a penchant for dirty humour, a taste for craft beer, and a love of leather jackets. Everyone always asks me what…

Code Like A Girl


Empowering girls to use technology to solve social issues Today I saw the CODE GIRL movie at the Zonta Film Festival held at the Princess Twin cinema. I loved it. The girls in the movie were smart, funny, and determined to…

Code Like A Girl

Who Gets Appreciated?

emotional labor on the Airbnb engineering team At Airbnb, we have a tradition of Appreciating people at our weekly engineering meeting — it’s an opportunity to recognize and thank people who’ve helped you or done great work. It’s one of my favorite…