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Month: February 2016

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From Cat Fights to Having It All: Perception vs. Reality For Women In Tech

Used under Creative Commons licence. Image by Entirely Subjective. It’s not an easy road when you decide to publicly declare yourself a shift disturber and a professional elephant hunter. I can tell you from personal experience that people make all…

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Hackathons: Coding optional, courage required.

“‘I can’t” are two words that have never been in my vocabulary. I believe in me more than anything in this world.” — Wilma Rudolph So I completed my first hackathon. What’s a Hackathon? As Dave Fontenot describes in his article about Hackathons:…

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Why every woman should become a mentor

I believe strongly in the idea and outputs of mentorship. Over my lifetime I have been motivated to grow, push boundaries, break rules, and create new ones because of my own exposure to talented individuals. I have also been gifted…

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Women in tech: constant fight for gender balance

Even in an era when gender inequality may seem like a problem from the past, things are not yet very balanced. And they are even more alarming in tech world. It’s common knowledge that there are more and more organizations trying…

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Teaching programing to my kids! A Lesson about Instructions!

NOTE: This post is part of the, a website dedicated to teaching programming to kids. A computer itself is a pretty dumb machine! It is not capable of doing anything by itself. Fortunately, computer is really good at following instructions….

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Stickers, T-Shirts, and Bags. Oh My!

Artwork by Kristina Foster The idea of Code Like A Girl was launched from a sticker I created a year ago. I shared this story in early January when I launched the Code Like A Girl Facebook page. Immediately people started…

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How to (re)light the mathematical flame in you.

Originally posted on Graph visualization of the coappearence weighted network of characters in the novel “Les Miserables” from Victor Hugo (graph visualization based on Nowadays there is a massive growth of data which is leading to mathematical modeling…

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Burnout and Recovery at a Tech Internship

Image from Huge Inc. In Fall 2015, I interned at a large, highly sought-after tech employer in the Bay Area. I worked long hours, surrounded by incredible people and interesting work. And I burned out. I should preface this by saying that…