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Month: May 2016

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We Say We Care About Equal Pay, But Do We?

When I hear people talking about equal pay, everybody is really in favor of it. Yes! Of course women should get paid the same as men for doing the same job! Yes! Women do as much and as good a job, often…

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What I’ve learned interviewing 50 women about how they do the work they find meaningful.

This is me speaking to a group of women at Young Women in Business in Toronto. Yesterday I was invited to speak at the launch event for Toronto’s Young Women in Business chapter. The theme for the event was ‘Getting in…

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FinTech’s biggest contradiction: the case for FemTech

My #FemTech wake-up call A few weeks ago I was invited to speak at an event called Women Techmakers, an event held in Barcelona as part of a Google initiative to provide visibility, community, and resources for women in tech. While preparing…

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My first contribution to an open source project

Have you ever found yourself in an infinite loop like this? Am I good enough to contribute code to a library which is possibly being used by other developers? What if I break something? I’m a newbie and still scared of…

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Why the World Needs this WomenInTech Snapchat Channel

I’ve been active on Snapchat for several years now and I’ve used the channel to story-tell my day to friends and family that live around the map. I often comment that Snapchat is our generation’s closest thing to teleportation. With…

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Why ‘her’?

The Case for a Pronoun for a Programmer. In computer programming, time zones are famously tricky to work with. Antarctica has a lot of timezones. That’s all the context you need to understand why this tweet I posted struck a…

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5 ways to get the most from your mentor

John C. Crosby on Mentoring Being a mentee isn’t always easy. You have added yet another person to the list of people who want something from you, and likely they are asking you to push well beyond your comfort zone….

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In defense of #girlboss

I recently read an article that denounced the term #girlboss. This struck me because I’m a fan of Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Nasty Gal (who coined the term), have tagged #girlboss in many social media posts, and even have…

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How to Close Your Own Pay Gap

Salary negotiation techniques to start getting what you’re worth The pay gap is real. In my past career as a cybersecurity products executive, I interviewed and hired a lot of people. The men I interviewed almost always made at least 20%…

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It’s a Matter of Perspective: Being a Female Tech Exec

Just this weekend, Sheryl Sandberg wrote a touching post about what it means to lean in as a single mother. As a female leader here in Silicon Valley, she’s once again opening everyone’s eyes to a different point of view….

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A story about not fitting in

I want to dedicate this post to my mom. Who is still my inspiration and as far as I’m concerned a real life super woman. The joke among my female friends in engineering and product is that if you wear a…

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Achieving Gender Parity with Male Allies

The importance of men in the quest to achieve gender parity in technology is obvious: the majority must be convinced of the importance of the minority. While some of the important men in technology are aware, these leaders are also…

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The 5 Year Experience Trap

Step one: Find a unicorn to sacrifice to improve your job finding odds. No one cares anymore what school you went to, it’s all about the work you’ve done. So what work have you done, and what are you doing? More importantly,…