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Month: February 2018

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Want An Inclusive Tech Culture? Build It With This Cornerstone

Over here at Better Allies, we’re collecting stories. About software teams who have made simple changes towards a more inclusive culture. It could be a tweak to daily standups. Or new Slack loading messages that remind the team how to…

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Women can make money in Crypto. Don’t let the men make all the money!

As a woman, I am observant of the things and the world around me. For the past few years, I kept on hearing the word “Bitcoin” and I thought it was a trend. A trend, which I could both ignore, and…

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20,000 More Girls in Tech

Milestones matter. They help us center ourselves in relation to the world around us and provide goals for which to aim. A driver’s license for a teenager. A one year anniversary for newlyweds. The first dollar in sales for a…

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Celebrating Black History Month with the WISE of Today: Deb Raji

Deb Raji, Engineering Intern at Clarifai, Applied Machine Learning Team. (Photos used in this article were taken by Karen Herder.) During the month of February, we sat down with some amazing black women in science and engineering to talk about their…

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I’m an Introverted Woman in Tech, and This is What I’m Doing to Become Successful in the Industry

Since publishing the piece I’m an Introverted Woman in Tech, and I want to See Introverted Women Succeed in the Industry I’ve had women reach out to me asking how I managed to go against the status quo and stick…

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Why I Refused to Pitch

Photo by Chris Barbalis I crashed a VC cocktail — but I crashed it good. I crashed an investors’ and entrepreneurs’ networking event the other week in NYC. Yes, I am an entrepreneur. No, I was not invited. Yet, I am sure I gained…

Why I Can’t Be a Good Girl and Good Product Leader

I’m a volunteer coordinator’s dream. I say yes to organizing an army of helpers for school events. I call parents for school donations. I call voters to pass local ballot measures. I sign up to help with classroom projects. I…

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Why You Need to be a Writer — and How to Improve Your Writing Skills

If you’re a professional today, you need to be a writer! You have to improve your writing skills to advance your career. Don’t believe me? Did you know that an estimated 269 billion emails are sent every day? And the…

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Herstory: Mentor & Developer, Lisa Godwin

Technology is all around us, in everything we do everyday. Behind each piece of tech is someone who helped conceptualize, design, create it and market it, and this week’s interview is with Lisa Godwin, a developer who’s had her hand…

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Herstory: STEM Advocate and Leader, Camille Eddy

Being inspired is one thing, but being able to lead by example and inspire others is a whole new level. Camille does just that through her work with different diversity organizations and STEM groups. She is working in mechanical engineering…

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Unemployed to Full-Time Developer in 6 Months

Here’s how I did it June 2017 I was unemployed for the second time that year. I’d chosen to leave both of my jobs for various reasons but the second stint of unemployment wasn’t panning out as well as the first….

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There’s definitely definitely no logic to human behaviour Ryan McGuire There’s Definitely Definitely No Logic to Human Behaviour Don’t forget the imperfect person when designing or buying your perfect problem-solving software I recently mentored a group of 18-year-old aspiring entrepreneurs and we got to talking about the concept…

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Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It?

Students hard at work treading the unknown field of coding Course Report, the leading authority in bootcamp education, reported that in 2017 coding bootcamps will graduate around 23,000 students, ten times what it was in 2012 when the bootcamp model began….

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Motivos para amar Kotlin

Quero começar esse texto me justificando por não ter escrito com a frequência que eu gostaria. Nos últimos 4 meses eu saí da casa dos meus pais, mudei de cidade, e de emprego. Assunto para outros textos, quem sabe?! O…

How to Undo the Last Commit

Image from Altassian tutorial In this post I will show how I sometimes recover wrong changes (commits) in a coding project, using git on the command line. Why would I want to do this? In my thesis, I’m working on a project…

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How to Get Your Message Across — Consistently

Startups, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs — Do You KNOW What Your Message Is? The Positioning & Messaging Framework. What is it and why should you care? Depending on the age/maturity of your company, it can be both an enlightening and contentious exercise for your…

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A Simple Step Towards More Inclusive Tech Events

Over here at Better Allies, we’re collecting stories. About software teams who have made simple changes towards a more inclusive culture. It could be a tweak to their daily standups. Or new Slack loading messages that remind the team how…

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How Learning to Code Changed My Habits (and Made Me a Better Person)

From being an aspiring artist to creating websites for entrepreneurs Photo by ANDRIK LANGFIELD PETRIDES on Unsplash I remember the exact words my Mom used to tell me: “Computers are going to ruin your life!” And at 10 years old, I believed her….