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3 new building toys you should know about

Credit: Fort Boards

Growing up I was a HUGE fan of making things. From paper towel tube marble runs to KNEX roller coasters, my parents’ home was a constant workshop for my creations. Therefore, its no surprise that even after getting my B.S. in mechanical engineering, I am still a building toy fan. Give me a bin of LEGOS and I would happily play for hours.

However, the market for building toys continues to expand beyond the traditional ones that we all know and love. There are some great new ones to explore! Recently 3 new toys have caught my eye that I just had to share.

1. Technochic

Building toys do not have to be focused on structures or mechanical parts. Technochic is bringing electronics into building kits for kids and adults. They provide kits that create technology infused creations such as wearable light-up flower kits and cards. There is a fantastic combination of art and technology that kids will love. Kids can engage with and learn about circuits, electricity and energy while feeling like they are completing an art project. It can also make a great birthday party activity that does not break the bank. One of their standard kits costs $25 and makes 10 flower pins.

2. Fort Boards

Have your kids ever wanted to scale up their creations? Fort Boards gives kids the chance to do just that! These simple foam boards with easy to use connectors allow for kids the create buildings and structures to play in, as well as giant sculptures. Each square is 8” by 8”, giving kids huge potential to make whatever their heart desires. The company even provides building cards that look like stone, wood and metal, to let their imaginations bloom. This building toy really brings playtime to the next level. I would have loved this as a kid.

3. neatoy

As wearable technology becomes increasingly prominent in today’s world, it only makes sense that building toys would move towards becoming more wearable as well. neatoy is a wearable building toy that allows children to build everything from costumes to accessories and large furniture. Instead of just putting together a kit and leaving their creation alone, kids can really engage with the things they make during playtime, or even wear their new accessories out of the house. I think that neatoy is showing kids that the things they create can have a purpose beyond playtime, and pushing their imaginations above and beyond.

What other new building toys are you loving these days? Let me know in the comments! Lets keep the STEAM learning going!