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5 Conversations About Personal Branding You Should Be Having Right Now

As an industry expert in Influencer and Social Media Marketing, I get asked about personal branding a lot.

Is there a formula, some kind of repeatable script, a surefire way to narrow in on your brand messaging and positioning?

Those are some of the more common types of questions, but those aren’t actually the questions that you need to be asking, let alone answering.

Instead, optimizing your personal branding should be more like having conversations, because branding is all about the audience to brand conversation, isn’t it?

In the age of influencers gaining visibility and brands shifting to human-first strategies, people are really starting to question what they should be posting on social media and what their personal brand really is in the first place.

These aren’t frivolous concerns.

Anyone with a social media account is broadcasting to an audience. You have to question how you represent yourself.

And consider what your content is going to be on social media.

It can be a very quick decision. What photo, which video, what caption and which hashtags are you going to use?

So everyone by default, who has an audience to talk to, is building a personal brand.

But there are deeper decisions that need to be considered, deeper conversations to be had:

Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

Competence: think about your core competencies.

Think about what it is you do that gives you pleasure.

You don’t already have to be good at it to call it a core competency, you simply need to be interested enough to want to learn as you grow.

Invest in yourself.

Talk about why you love what it is you do best and talk about what you’re learning. People love to learn alongside you. #striveforexcellence

Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash

Confidence: write down 3 things about yourself that you’re proud of.

Look at your personal life as well as your professional life. You have to know where you’re performing well.

Take a quarterly inventory just like you would a business.

Share about these successes on social media and tell other people what you did to achieve that. #beagiant

Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash

Comfort: how do you practice self-care?

Think about the moments you take during the day to just escape for a minute.

This is where you’re going to find inspiration to write about something more personal.

It could be sharing about what books you’re reading, quotes you find inspiring, your favorite wines or chocolates, or the best bedding for napping. Start there.

How can I talk about what brings me comfort? #mycomfortzone

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Passion: what turns you on? It can be positive or negative.

Are you being proactive? Think about what organizations you support or causes you believe in.

Talk about them and highlight them.

That’s a conversation you can start having on social media. #socialgood

Photo by Anthony Ginsbrook on Unsplash

Style: you don’t have to be a model or a celebrity to talk about personal style.

We all have style.

Invest in a few small brands and local businesses for wardrobe updates. Not only will you feel great, you’ll have a conversation piece that can easily be incorporated into your social presence.

Post a photo of yourself hanging out and talk about the brand you’re wearing and what’s cool about it in your caption.

Why do you support them? Tag the brand and hashtag the company. Think about what other local brands you can support.

Talk about them once or twice a month. #supportlocal #whatiwore

Developing a personal brand is easy.

Of course, it becomes much easier when you break it down into actionable goals.

Great storytelling is movement.

You must feel like the story is moving you forward. Same with your audience, your content must have the feeling of a gripping, moving narrative.

You have to take what shapes and moves you, and use that to guide people on your brand journey.

This is the type of deep knowledge work that I do with clients who want to revolutionize their own personal branding and retool their strategies.

Helping clients reframe their goals and really explore their positioning and messaging is part of the plan for success, here at Twice Social.

When you really know your brand and how to position yourself, the climb to success is easier than ever before.