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5 Ingenious Things Women Can Do To Balance Work-Life

Work-Life Balance

Few months ago,there was a question in my mind, how to balance my work-life? This comes because after marriage there is a significant change in my life, as now I have the responsibilities of my family, home, social, friends and work as well.

When I am in a situation thinking to balance my work-life, I start research and figure it out, which I am sharing with you all.

First, The very first thing I come up with is figure out what are your expectations from yourself, either way what are your priorities in life, act according to that. Managing expectations is a good way to have a stress free life.

Second, Are you also the one who thinks of perfection, I mean do you also feel like whatever you do should be perfect every time? Then hold on … Perfection is overrated — this means trying to be perfect every time results in increased stress levels, in turn disrupting peace both at home and work. It’s a see-saw, sometimes you are good at work and the day other good at home. Go easy on yourself and see how well you do then.

Third, Do not hesitate to ask for assistance whether at home or work, look at the support around, when in need and if possible distribute your work. It will help you a lot in completing your work early.

Fourth, Managing your time vs. energy, means figure how much time and energy you have with respect to each other to put in completing respective tasks, try schedule to things and work.

Fifth, Make yourself a priority — Taking care of yourself is a necessity and is essential to your success as well, regular exercise, proper nutrition , stress — relief activities, and good sleep are way to a fulfilled life.

While thinking about this and to make this happen I also came up with some useful organization tips. These things helped me a lot. Hope these can work for you as well. Give it a try for a weak or a month and share your experience and challenges you meet in balancing your work-life, maybe we all can help each other to live a healthy, wealthy and happy life!