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6 Secrets to Amplify your Medium Story!

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Tips From the Code Like A Girl Editors

Have you just spent hours, days, or weeks pouring your heart and soul into writing a Medium story and now you can’t wait for people to read it? Sadly, just because you wrote it, doesn’t mean people will read it.

Here are the top six tips from the editors of the Code Like A Girl Publication for getting your article read.

A Catchy Title is a Must

Short, catchy titles are best. Jeff Goins has written a great article on how to create great titles. Check it out.

5 Tricks for Writing Catchy Headlines that Lead to Viral Articles

Curiosity Killed the Cat — You need a great picture!

While titles are important, an article with a great title but no picture is still going to have trouble getting significant views.

The picture to your Medium article isn’t just there to be a pretty header. It is what will make people click on your story from Medium, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pocket, and any other place someone could link to it. Your goal is to pique the reader’s interest with a picture.

Make Your Article Beautiful

It always feels overwhelming to open an article and see a wall of text. Try to break up your paragraphs so they are no longer than three to four sentences each. This immediately makes the article more accessible.

As a publication editor the first thing I do when we get a new submission is fix the formatting. Here are the top three issues I correct.

Bolding and Subtitles

Subtitles should use the subheading and not the bolding format. When you use bold too much space ends up under the title.

This is the difference between Bold and SubTitle


Medium has two quote formats. The first is often used for longer quotes with the second one used to make a bigger but typically shorter statement.

This is the first quote format and it is best for longer quotes. From the article:
Here is a great way to use the larger quotes to grab the reader’s attention. From the article:

Editing & formatting – Medium Support


Links can be formatted in two ways. You can link to a story in the middle of a paragraph. If you are doing this consider making the whole sentence or a big chunk of it a link rather than just one word. This makes it easier for the reader to recognize and click on the link.

Alternatively, you can paste the link in its own line and hit enter. Medium will then embed the link nicely. Like this:


Whatever you do, DO NOT just paste the link and leave it like this:

Tag It

Medium suggests to readers follow tags that matter to them to see the content they are interested in. This means as a writer, you should consider what tags your readers are going to be interested in and add them to your story.

Tags are added in the publish drop down while you are in edit mode.

Each story can have up to 5 tags. The number you see beside the tag is how many stories have been tagged with that tag. Tags with high numbers will also likely have many followers.

We use tags in two ways for our publication. First we use it to determine which page of our publication stories show up on. Stories tagged with ‘Codelikeagirl’ will appear on our home page, whereas stories tagged with ‘Codelikeagirlbr’ will appear on our Portuguese page.

Secondly, we use them to hit our target audiences. You will see many of our stories use the tags ‘Women In Tech’ and ‘Technology’. Both have huge numbers of stories, but also many people following them.

Submit it to a Publication

Both individual profiles and publications have followers on Medium. When you submit your story to a publication, you get the advantage of it showing up in the streams of readers who follow you as well as in the streams of readers who follow the publication.

As an added benefit, when you submit with Code Like A Girl, we also promote your article on social media and invite you to join our closed Facebook writers group, where you can interact, learn, and collaborate with us and our writers.

Want to Contribute to Code Like A Girl?

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Connect to Twitter and Facebook

Connect your Medium account to your Twitter and Facebook profiles. There are two main benefits to this.

First, anyone who follows you on Twitter or Facebook AND are on Medium will now follow you on Medium. A great way to get free followers! This happens when the connection is made, so it is a good idea to connect and disconnect your account a few times a year to pick up new followers.

Second, your Twitter handle will be used when people share your article by clicking the Twitter icon. This will allow you to interact with the reader and generate more engagement around your article.

Social Media Tips

Check out our tips for how to amplify your story on social media after it is published.

Secrets to Amplifying your Own Voice

We are always looking for great content at Code Like A Girl. Feel free to reach out and apply as a writer if you are interested.