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730 Days in Review

Defining what success means to you is the first step.

Use your smile to change the world

Just about 730 days ago I started as an Entry-level employee at the Inbound Marketing and Sales company, HubSpot. I could be cheesy and say that time has flown but I won’t.

Two years ago I never would have thought that I would be where I am today. But I didn’t get here alone, I had support, love and encouragement from so many that it’s almost too many to count. But the most impactful thing that has occurred over the last two years is my internal drive for success.

Everyone will define success differently. Most commonly it is defined as, “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” My success isn’t defined that way. Success to me is educating and inspiring others to help them succeed and grow.

Lucky for me HubSpot agrees with my definition and more importantly the team I work for at HubSpot, Academy.

I started my career at HubSpot, as a Support Engineer where I assisted HubSpot customers, users, partners and prospects with the HubSpot software as well as answering questions regarding best practices. I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a Support Engineer, learning about the different ways I could accomplish things inside of HubSpot. In fact I would highly encourage anyone working for a software company to spend some time in Support to learn how your customers or users use the product and the roadblocks they come across.

After seven months though I found I had a bigger passion. Teaching. I wanted to help others become successful and so I transitioned into a Coaching role on the Support team where I on-boarded Support Engineers.

These were things that I never thought I would be doing nor did I go to school for them. After almost a year of being a Coach (commonly referred to as Coach Court), I made a gamble on myself. I applied for a position with the HubSpot Academy team whose purpose aligned directly with mine: To educate and inspire people so that we together can change the way the world does business.

Oh my! I was eager, excited and driven to become apart of this team (and let’s just say I didn’t hide it well), but luckily that’s exactly what they were looking for.

I have now been an Inbound Professor educating and inspiring people on contacts database, automation, email marketing, and lead scoring for the last six months and it was time for some reflection.

Over the last two years I could say there has been a lot that has propelled me through my positions, but what was behind it?

To some success could be defined as I received promotions and thus I am successful but to me it was about the passion, the drive to educate and inspire people. As a Support Engineer I was able to educate our customers and sometimes inspire them to do something different with their marketing. As a coach I educated and inspired new hires on all things HubSpot. And now? I have combined all those into a position where I get to educate and inspire people everyday to hopefully change the way the world does business.

So after 730 days what is my takeaway? Find your passion and make it your job and you will never work a day in your life (ok yes you will but most days it wont feel like you are).

p.s HubSpot is hiring (and we just opened a location in Berlin!)

HubSpot Academy Team summiting Mt. Monadack in New Hampshire

I am currently an Inbound Professor at HubSpot and educate and inspire people on contacts management, email marketing, email automation, lead scoring, segmentation and workflows. Looking for advice, resume editing or general discussion around career or life decisions please reach out to me at: