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8 Lessons I Learn From Arianna Huffington During Her Recent Boston Visit

Earlier this year I was fortunate to have been invited to attend Boston’s first innovation conference for women where I learned firsthand that Arianna Huffington truly is enigmatic, remarkably witty, and irreverently down to earth.

I shared the room with CEO’s from every industry and background but identical common themes were made apparent throughout the day.

The practice of gratitude each morning (and evening), the relentless pursuit of excellence and equality (to the point of feigning ignorance to gender barriers) and embracing that part of ourselves we are most self-conscious about.

Below are the top takeaways I bring back with me; to work, to play, and most importantly, to bed.

1. Don’t Miss the Grace of The Struggle.

Our successes are never sweeter than after great struggle and every time we fall we have stumbled upon valuable lessons. Remember the finish line during tough times, let that drive you and help you maintain your momentum. There are no easy roads to success, and you’ll be better for it in taking the long, yet high road.

2. Break Up With Your Snooze Button.

Wake up each day rested and with intention. Plan your day with goals and successes in mind and don’t allow your snooze button to rob you of any more of that precious time.

3. It’s Okay to be Emotional.

It’s okay to be vulnerable and to feel strongly about certain issues and situations as a woman. It is one of our incredible strengths that provides us the empathetic trait which is just one of many that makes us great leaders.

4. There Have Always Been Barriers.

There have always been institutionalized barriers but it is always a choice of recharging ourselves to fight them harder each and every day. Don’t accept less than your worth and don’t doubt your intuition.

5. See Life as a Dance.

Life is a strategic dance between letting things happen and making them happen. Don’t stop dancing to worry about things outside of your control, and go after those that you can change and are passionate about with all that you have.

6. Choose Respect.

“As women we owe it to each other to respect each others choices regarding entrepreneurship and motherhood.” When we think about our friends and coworkers and the dramatically different lives we have chosen, there is no room for judgement, only respect.

Our paths are different for a reason, and neither is less important than the other.

7. Take Time to Disconnect.

Quiet your mind, make a conscious effort to disconnect from your day before bed, and allow your mind to wind down. Wear clothing only for sleeping and rekindle your love affair with sleep. Sleeping is not about doing less, but being smarter about what you choose to do.

8. Always be Fully Present.

It’s your life, if you’re not 100% there, who else will want to be? Don’t let your life pass you by before you’re able to see just how great it is. I hope these words inspire you as much as they did me, and they carry you into a wonderful, productive week. “Let’s live life as if everything is rigged in our favor.” [Arianna Huffington]

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