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A Call for Women in CyberSecurity across Africa

Graduating from school with your degree in one hand sounds like the deal, until you have to switch into reality and realize you have no idea on how to get into the field you’ve longed for.

That’s how a couple of other new graduates and women feel with no idea or help on how to get plugged into the infosec community, so they end up with another career and years later wishing they hadn’t.

They leave because there are no networks, no communities, no Mentors, no access to resources, no tips or tricks on how to succeed in the game as a woman in cybersecurity.

We have awesome women professionals in Cybersecurity with their experience spanning from 5–20 years with no platform for them to collaborate, share and transfer knowledge or ideas, mentor the young cybersecurity enthusiast or n00bs, act as facilitators,provide support, etc.

#Women in #Cyber #Security are still just 11% of the total cybersecurity professionals globally. This is really sad because it’s such an amazing field that gives you several opportunities to challenge yourself,succeed in it and also protect people from harm.

If you are an african woman in cyber security,a professional looking on making a career switch? an enthusiast? Or you have things you want to share with other amazing women in cybersecurity? Serve as a mentor or volunteer? You can get plugged into Africa’s foremost community for women in cybersecurity ‘She Secures’.

Connect with She Secures via linkedin: She Secures


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