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A short break out of my coding cave

I can’t brain anymore (Photo by elizabeth lies on Unsplash)

You know you’re passionate about something when you have a love-hate relationship with it.

If you’ve been in the game long enough, every software dev eventually reaches the point that I’m at right now, where time tiks twice per tok, sleep is a luxurious fantasy, social life is social dead, and there’s dangerously lethal doses of caffeine in my system that my sweat’s starting to smell like Starbucks on Sundays. I’ve seen zombies who look more put-together than myself at the moment.

But, what keeps me going? The thought of crossing that finish line and looking back and saying I DID THAT. Ha! The challenges is what I love about what I do. There IS always a challenge thanks to technology’s relentless evolution. Knowing there’s always a way to overcome them, finding the best solution, and then finally overcoming them. The cycle’s quite addictive. A good, frustrating function/bug normally leads to a loud squeal, a celebratory wiggle in my seat, and more coffee to move on to the next task in the list. I’ll have time to run a brush through my hair and look half-decent again, but there’ll be none of that when I’m making love to my keyboard and my IDE.

This post really isn’t going anywhere, but I just had an intense urge to write a few lines in grammar-checked, adjective-laden, punctuation-perfect, hyphen-loaded, human-readable English. You know you’ve coded too much when the voices in your head speak in if, else, foreach, and try/catch handling. Ugh.