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Are you a writer, reviewer, or editor for Code Like A Girl? Did you know you could add this to your LinkedIn profile page and highlight the volunteer work you are doing for us?

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If you don’t already have a section for volunteer work on LinkedIn yet follow these instructions to add it.

Adding Sections to Your Profile | LinkedIn Help

Once you have created the volunteer section you will need to add a position. Follow these instructions for details on how to do it.

Adding, Editing, or Removing a Position in Your Profile's Experience Section | LinkedIn Help

Not sure what to say? Here is an example of how to fill out your Code Like A Girl volunteer experience.

Below is the position description for you to copy and paste into your LinkedIn page. Be sure to update UserName with your own medium profile name to link to your Code Like A Girl Medium profile page. This will take a reader to all your Code Like A Girl work.

I am a writer for Code Like A Girl. An online publication whose goal it is to change the perceptions of Women In Technology by Amplifying their voices.

See my work with Code Like A Girl here:

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