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Allies — It’s Time to Get Cracking

Last week, this Tweet caught our eye:

To which we responded with:

And we knew we were onto something. Our tweet got more engagement than Tom Peters’, even though he has about 150,000 more followers than us. Plus he’s a world-renowned thought leader on business management and organizational development. Oh, and he’s written a few best selling books.

So, let’s make Tom proud.

Let’s all identify four women or members of an underrepresented group to sponsor in 2018. And by sponsor, we mean do things like,

✅ Speak their name when they’re not around
✅ Share their career goals with influencers
✅ Recommend them for stretch assignments
✅ Talk about what you’ve learned from them
✅ Invite them to high-profile meetings
✅ Give them your speaking slot at an event
✅ Endorse them publicly

Allies, it’s time to get cracking. Make 2018 a good one.

— The Better Allies Team

p.s. We wish we had noticed the typo before posting our tweet. Should have been “affected.”

Becoming an ally is a journey. Want to join us?

Together, we can — and will — make a difference.