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Augmented Reality Use Cases…Besides PokemonGo

Bringing immersive digital innovation into retail and entertainment in Asia goes beyond just social media and websites.


  1. How can in-store engagement be a more immersive experience for the customers?
  2. How does the brand’s CRM, mobile and web experience align with the store experience for a holistic brand experience for the customer?
  3. Retailers need to ramp up fast to move away from a static store experience. The shopping experience is more than just buying clothes off the rack. Customers yearn for more from the brand.
  4. A brand developing an app for the sake of developing one is not enough. How does it add value to the customer to entice him/her to want to download and use the app?

Among the use cases discussed were digital makeup, augmented reality fashion shows, holographic experiences, big data visualization, projection mapping, 3D content — all for a truly immersive digital experience.

Here’s one example of a brilliant and beautiful implementation of AR in retail.

Forbes: Charlotte Tilbury’s New Virtual ‘Magic Mirror’ Serves As Active Make-Up Selling Tool

Recently, Holition was invited by world-renowned make up artist, Charlotte Tilbury to create and develop two interactive Magic Mirrors for the launch of Charlotte’s flagship store in London’s Westfield Shepherds Bush. Each full view touchscreen Magic Mirror lets customers ‘try on’ virtually each one of Charlotte’s famous 10 Makeup Looks. All the looks, including Bombshell, Vintage Vamp and Dolce Vita, are simulated using Holition’s highly advanced real-time tracking and realistic visualization in combination with skin tone detection and a recommendation process for suggesting a best look. Each look takes into account the customer’s skin colour and tones, thereby achieving a perfect natural blend. The full range of products are available for try on including foundation, blusher, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipliner, lipstick and contouring techniques.

Users can even try on all 10 looks in 40 seconds, take a snapshot and email their preferred choice.

Check it out on Vimeo here:

As a consumer myself, I’m personally excited to see more new disruption in retail and more personal in-store experiences, especially in Asia.

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