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Best Decision I’ve ever made….

Changing my major from Chemical Engineering to Computer Science is the best decision I’ve ever made. I fell in love with programming when I first watched “24”. Chloe O’brian (Jack Bauer’s best friend) made me fall in love with programming. I was so impressed by how she used her programming skills to solve serious matters.

I remembered telling myself I want to be like Chloe O’brian, a geek woman! Since that time, I wanted to study computer science but I was so afraid because I did not have any background in programming, I’ve never wrote a code before. I told myself maybe it would be a huge mistake to change my major to computer science. My biggest fear is to fail in programming, not being able to write a code. But here is the thing, I lacked of self-confidence. I did not believe in myself. I was constantly telling myself that I could not do it, I could never be a programmer.

So guess what I did? Because I was scared, I decided to stick to a major I was not interested anymore. I kinda forced myself to like chemical engineering but as time went by, I did not feel happy anymore, I felt emprisonned. I just could not deal with chemical engineering, so I finally had the courage to change my major to computer science and let me tell you something: “It is the best decision I’ve ever made” because Programming makes me happy.

“If you’re afraid to fail, then you’re probably going to fail”

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