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Black Friday Schmiseday

What do lawnmowers, Nerf Guns and electric shavers have in common? They will all be on sale this Black Friday. Why? Because in 2010 Amazon brought Black Friday to the UK, and since then it’s gone a bit nuts.

As well as causing extreme cases of shopping rage, it means lots of people working in shops lose out on family time and Turkey. Boo.

The Black Friday Zombies rise again

So, this Black Friday, we’re trying something different, and are donating all the money we make to the Sambhalia Trust, who help girls in India receive an education. Whether you buy the Detective Dot adventure book, a CIA Membership or the whole Megapack, every pound spent will go towards helping girls get to school.

Detective Dot is a 9-year-old coder and agent for the Children’s Intelligence Agency. She lives in London with her British-Indian family, and is really tech savvy — her sidekick is a rule-loving drone that she built and can code herself. She’s a bit mischievous but has a strong moral code — she always fights for what’s right.

Kids can join the CIA and carry out activities on and offline. We’re a really accessible way into coding no hardware or instruction manuals, just physical + interactive stories. We encourage kids to always ask questions and never settle for “just because” as an answer.

We love a good sale and a BOGOF offer as much as the next person, and we hope that by supporting a cause we love we can make Black Friday a win-win for all you savvy shoppers.