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From Gaza to Greenwich, we can all recognise the challenges tech women face

Me with part of the Tech Hub Women’s Group, Gaza. Photo credit: Mohammed Farra From Gaza to Greenwich, We Can All Recognise the Challenges Tech Women Face Here are some universal solutions I recently spent a few weeks in Gaza and West…

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Why is it all about the ‘Empowered Woman’ and not the ‘Empowered Man’?

At 24 years old, I decided to label myself as an ‘Empowered Woman’. People asked me what this meant, and I echoed stereotypical sentiments about being strong and self-focused. One day, I was having a coffee with a friend who…

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8 Keys to Successful Third Party of RESTful API Integration

As developers, we strive to build new and exciting technologies quickly. Third Party Application programming interface (API) integration allows us to integrate existing technologies rather than spend valuable time redeveloping the wheel. A focus on developing a core product is the…

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Boys-only Perks, Bullying, and Bringing About Change to All-Male Speaker Lineups

5 Ally Actions | Sept 21, 2018 Photo credit: Each week, we share five simple actions to create a more inclusive workplace and become a better ally. 1. Push back when you hear about boys-only perks This week, Spotify was sued…

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What Does a Developer Look Like?

Because apparently, it’s not me. Take a second to just write down the first three words you think of when you respond to that question. My answer was nerdy, smart, and has poor fashion sense. Which, to be fair, when I…

How To Write A Web Developer Resume — A Complete Guide

Christina Morillo Web development. It’s not only a growing industry and one of the most popular jobs at the moment, but it’s also one of the highest paying jobs. The competition is skyrocketing and you can’t get a position without…

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Meet Codey Rocky: Our New Coding Companion Hello to everyone, I recently met the Codey Rocky of the new STEAM kit from Makeblock and found the opportunity to review it. I love it. I’m sure you’ll love it because I can say that there is no…

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I Have Skills (right?)

I Have Skills (Right?) “five person bumping fists together” by rawpixel on Unsplash “Let’s go Sky!!!! You got it girl… break !” This is exactly what happens in my mind. I imagine a team huddled fist bump encouraging me for the task at hand….

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A love letter to the pale (and not so) stale males

Photo Credit Dear PSM, I want to thank you. I know that the media doesn’t have a lot of love for you right now, mostly because they don’t realise how many of you are fighting the norm quietly. It’s a pendulum…

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Newsflash: The Future of Tech Conferences Involves More and More Women

A group of independent security researchers, and computer science researchers who believe that their field needs more diversity have gathered up to create Independent Fund for Women in Tech. They had witnessed how women around the world are challenged by numerous…

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“Focus” as a Scrum Value

Many IT projects these days have adopted Scrum for their software development life cycle. It has proven to be successful because Scrum believes in its core values — focus, commitment, courage, respect, and openness. Scrum values ( Source: ) One of…