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CLAG Reviewers Guidelines

Thanks so much for joining us as a reviewer. Here is how it works.

Claiming an Article to Review

When I have an article that needs reviewing I will send a group email to our reviewers. If you have time to review it then reply all saying you can do it. Once you have done that we would like to aim for a 48 hr turn around on the review.

When you claim it please go to the article and leave a private note for the writer saying that you will be editing the article on behalf of Code Like A Girl. You can use the following text.

“Hi I am an article reviewer for Code Like A Girl. I will be working with you on your article to get it ready to publish. I will get back to you in the next couple days with some edits for you to consider.”

Editing with the Writer

From there there are two options for how to edit the story.

  1. If there aren’t a lot of edits you can leave private notes on the article for the writer and ask them to make changes.
  2. If there are a lot of edits, then the best method is to copy the article into a google doc and turn on track changes. When you are done with the edits you can leave a note on the article with a link to the google document for the writer. When you and the writer are happy with the edits in Google Docs then the writer can copy it back into their medium draft.


When you and the writer are happy with the edits please leave a note at the top of the article that it is ready and reply to the original email to say it is ready for publishing!!!!

As a Code Like a Girl Reviewer we invite you to add this as volunteer work on your LinkedIn profile.

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