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I have to say that I never think I can code.

As I look back to my younger age, I always have my old memories in my mind. I sat back on the cafeteria table, in the hall next to my campus building. All of my university friends were there with me. We tried to summarize what we had learned in last 3 months. Yes. It’s the final exam.

“I don’t think I’m gonna be programmer. This is nonsense”

I said to my friends as I tried C language and find the answer why it shows the weird result. We ALL tried to find why it’s weird. Then one of friend said that let’s give up. Just remember this case is enough.

Well, I was not a good coder but at that time I didn’t worry that much. Even I hate it or not, I still get the good grade from my hard working habit.

3 years later, I attended the Python workshop from my friend’s advice. Forgot what I said in past, be open-minded as I was eager to learn. I thought I could give myself a chance even it would turn out to be good or fail, it was okay.

After the event ended, I thanked myself for stepping out of my little comfort zone. I tended to like Python and it’s all remove my curious and weird memory of practicing the test.

I asked the event organizer if they have any internship program. He said

“Do you ever try Django? If not, try to make a project of it then we will talk about it one month later.”



I still studied at that time so I still met lot of friends around my dorm. I told them what happened on that workshop.

One of friends who always brings me good advices said

“Then Try the tutorial in Django girls ! ”


After that, I found myself learning framework for the first time. No experience in making web application backend. No expertise in any computer language. Not knowing about MVC concept.

Okay. breath heavily. You can do this.

I was using windows for that time. Therefore, setting up project part is really hard to me for the first begin. But after see lots of error and bug, I tried to handle and debug it with the help from Stack Overflow and yes, Django girls’ tutorial already write some bug handling. It was so nice and it felt good that it was not only you in this world who face this problem.

I still remembered how I finished chapter by chapter in tutorial. And found out this tutorial is so nice, lovely, friendly to new beginner. Unlike the main document,, it was the way more complex to read and hard to capture to know what I have to choose to set it in my project.

But then time goes by

2 years later, as I mean, this year. is my bestie now. I code in lots of Django project more and more. Learn how to use some part of them, use more third-party package, use custom Django command for manipulating the data.

I do more complex thing now but never forget how impressive the tutorial is.

One day, I heard that Django Girls will make a workshop in the place where I live, Bangkok. I never hesitate to be their coach. I don’t feel confident in my knowledge but ambition. I must not miss this opportunity.

They sent me an email of coach presentation that I missed it in pre-meeting event. It contains everything about what we have in workshop and coaching tips.

I read it all patiently and can’t wait for it.

The Django workshop take 2 days.

The installation party and a whole day workshop.

Each coach has 3 participants which we wouldn’t know much about their experience or OS they use. They come from different kind of fields, accountant, secretary, student or in the IT field which is not about making web application at all such as Android developer. But we are all welcome for that. Diversity makes us stronger.

It was fun to see people react and get excited when they see the result. When people in my team nod their head and say “Ahh !” when they get into concept, it’s totally made my day.

It’s also really great and admirable for people who participate the event which throw me back to my early time of this field.

I used to say I couldn’t code before. But now I don’t, I’m totally and deeply love coding. I stepped out of comfort zone to see how the world’s running, just like them. And I want to coach to show and let them know that anyone can code.

I keep myself in mind from what I have seen in the coaching tips I was received.

“Be patient, smile and a spread love”

What a cute posters ! I bring some of them home lol
All of this areThai food and dessert. It’s the first community event I ever join that use Pinto (Thai Tuppleware) and save-earth style !
49 participants and 18 coaches. and thank you all #djangogirls organizer 🙂 cr. Fabian Drahmoune
1–3: ©Fabian Drahmoune, 4: ©phawin