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Code Like A Girl Editor and Reviewers Guidelines

These are notes for the Editors and reviewers of Code Like A girl.

If at any point you are unsure what to do as a reviewer or editor you can contact Dinah at

Instructions for how people become writers is found here. You can share this article with any prospective writers.

Want to Contribute to Code Like A Girl?

We have both full editors and reviewers that help us edit stories for CLAG. The difference is that editors have editor permissions in Medium and are actually able to publish the story under Code Like A Girl. These editors can make live edits to our writers stories.

A reviewer has writer permissions in Medium for the Code Like A Girl publication. This means a reviewer is where we start editors. A reviewer does not have permission to directly edit a story. However you can leave private notes to make suggestions and edits with the writer.

Claiming a story

We are now coordinating the editing of stories through Trello. When you go to Trello you should see the CLAG Editing Board as seen below (There is an extra column now for reviewers to put stories that are ready to publish. Will update the screenshot when I am in better internet coverage in early August 2018).

The first column contains stories that need editing. If you see a face or a circle with a letter on in the the bottom right of the card that means that someone is already working on that story so choose another.

To claim the story as your own click on the white card that you want to work on.

Then click Members button on the right side and choose your own name.

The description of the card contains the link to the article. Then you can go ahead and edit it in medium and just click the x on this card to close it.

When you are done editing if you are waiting for the author to make edits or confirm that they are happy with the edits you made or suggested then move the card to the Change Required of the Author Column. To do that you just drag and drop the card in the column.

If you don’t think the article you are reviewing is a good fit (See section: Article Acceptance Criteria) for Code Like A Girl then Drag it into the Not a Fit Column. Once there Dinah will handle the story.

If you are an Editor: Once your edits and/or author edits are done you may publish the story in medium by clicking the publish button on the article while it is in edit mode. That will publish the story to Code Like a girl. After you have published your story you need to submit it to be included in our social feeds. (See section: Submitting the Story for Social Feeds). Once that is complete then drag the story to the Published and Submitted to Social Column on the trello board.

If you are a Reviewer: Please pull the story over to the Ready To Publish Column. An editor will then publish it and submit it for social. You can now choose a new story to edit.

If you are a reviewer: Please pull the storyIf you have any comments/questions/improvements for our process you can create new cards on our trello board in the Comments/Ideas column of the board.

When picking up a story it is always good to leave a private note on the story Letting the author know you are a code like a girl reviewer and will be working with them on the story.

Style Guide

Please read this article on tips and tricks to help an article be as successful as possible. Specifically pay attention to the details I outline for the article title, picture, tagging, subtitles, quotes, and linking best practices.

6 Secrets to Amplify your Medium Story!

Please ensure that every article has a picture. Best practice is to ask the author to add one.

For Editors:

I sometimes make small edits to the articles. If so I just leave a note for the author saying I did that.

Article Acceptance Criteria

How do you know an article is right for Code Like A Girl?

  • Is it positive? Even if it covers a negative topic is there something of positive value you can take out of it.
  • Is it written by a person who identifies as female and is related to tech, leadership in business, or Career Growth. There could be more here, has to tie in some way to tech business, but I am not super strict. If it is about corporate situations and it seems valuable to me I accept it.
  • If it is written by a person who identifies as male then it must talk about diversity and allyship for women in tech.

Submitting the Story for Social Feeds – For Editors Only

If you have published or schedule a story to be published please send an email to our social media manager so that she can schedule the story for our social feeds. To do this please send an email in the following format:

Subject: Title of Article
Body: URL of article.

Contacting Authors

The fastest easiest way to do this is to leave private notes on the articles the authors have written.

If an author is new invite them to join the appropriate facebook group.

English Group: As a writer for Code Like a Girl we would like to invite you to join our writers Facebook group. You can sign up here: This is one way we are trying to strengthen the Code Like A Girl Community.

Posting Requirements

ALL ENGLISH post must be tagged with codelikeagirl to show up on the front page.

ALL SPANISH Posts should be tagged with codelikeagirlES to show up on the spanish. page You can also tag with “Medium En Español”

All Portuguese Posts should be tagged with codelikeagirlBR to show up on the portuguese page. You can also tag with “Medium Brasil”

All French Posts should be tagged with codelikeagirlFR to show up on the french page. You can also tag with “Medium France”

How to Add Stories to the CLAG Feature Pages

To have a story added to both the home page and a feature page (see tabs across the top of the website they need to have the following tags)

  • Girls page — Tag is: “Kids and Tech”
  • Espanol page— Tag is: “CodeLikeAGirlES” I don’t put the codelikeagirl tag on the spanish articles. The only show up on the spanish page not the front page.
  • Role Models page — Tag is “Role Models”
  • Portuguese page — Tag is: “CodeLikeAGirlBR” I don’t put the codelikeagirl tag on the portuguese articles. That way they only show up on the Portuguese page not the front page.
  • TechTalk page — Tag is “Tech Talk” this is for technical stories of any kind.
  • Book Review — “Book Review”
  • Q&A — “Questions Answers”

Twitter Handles

It is best practice to include the author’s twitter handle if you are posting the story on twitter. This will be done automatically by medium if they have connected their twitter account to their medium account. If an author hasn’t done this then leave the following on their article in a private note:

“If you have a twitter account you should attach it to your medium account. This way your twitter followers who are on medium will also become medium followers. Also you will be tagged on twitter when your article is tweeted. This helps you be able to retweet and interact with your writers.”

Requesting Articles for Translation

If you want to translate an article first check to see if the author has already agreed to having their work translated here.

If yes, then check to see if the article has already been translated here. Once it has been translated please updated it.

If the writer is not in that list then they need to fill out this form.

You can send the author this.

We would like to translate this article and future articles you submit to Code Like A Girl. If you are ok with that could you please fill this out so we have a record of your agreement?

Once someone becomes a translator share this guide with them.

Code Like A Girl Translator's Guide

Spanish Submission

Maria Alejandra Yepes is the Regional editor and manages all spanish submissions.

She tracks translators and the articles that are being translated here:

Sign in – Google Accounts

Portuguese Submission

Andressa Chiara is the Regional editor and manages all Portuguese Submissions.