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Code Like A Girl is Sponsoring a Math Contest for Teens!

We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with Minute School to sponsor their Spring Math Contest through their online learning platform.

Minute School helps the students of today gain confidence and mastery of concepts important for success in higher education. Students learn through free micro-courses containing bite-sized learning designed for use on mobile apps as well as web browsers. Many courses also contain dynamically generated questions allowing students to practice endlessly.

We are really excited about what Minute School is doing to help students get a better understanding of their course material. We feel applications like this can help students build confidence with the course material they are learning.

While this platform is designed for everyone, I think it could have huge benefits for girls and women in STEM fields.

Grade 9 is a key time girls normally drop out of math and science. This is exactly the time where they need to be able to bolster their confidence in math. Minute School currently offers courses directed at helping students in Ontario excel in their Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics. The more confidence you have with a subject, the more likely it is you will stick with it.

We believe this tool will also help women entering a university STEM program. It is likely there will be more men than women in the class. Women often worry that the men in the class have more background knowledge than themselves, especially when it comes to computer science. Having a tool like this to help bolster women’s knowledge will grow their confidence, helping them to speak up and ask more questions in class and interact with their classmates.

When my friend Tushar, CEO and founder of Minute School, asked if I would sponsor their Spring Math Contest I said yes. This tool puts the power in the student’s hands no matter their gender, race, or sexual orientation. Tools like this will help us diversify STEM fields by helping all students get to an even playing field and grow their confidence.

Spring Math Contest