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Code Like A Girl is Sponsoring InfoSec World!

Because We Need More Women in Cybersecurity!

We are very excited to announce that Code Like A Girl is an official sponsor of the InfoSec World conference in Orlando Florida in March. While there is a general lack of women in the tech sector, their numbers are even lower in the field of cybersecurity. As a women in cybersecurity myself, I would love to see this change!

We felt that by sponsoring this conference, who have ensured a 50/50 gender split for their keynote speakers, it would be a great way to highlight cybersecurity as a challenging, and rewarding career path for women.

Our partnership with InfoSec World started this summer when I read Katherine’s article asking where all the women in security were. The article resonated strongly with me and so I requested it for the Code Like A Girl publication.

Where Are All My Ladies in Cybersecurity?

You see she was planning the InfoSec World conference and was trying to ensure that she had a diverse set of keynote, panel, and breakout session speakers. Of their four keynote speakers two are women, one is a dog, and the other a man. Yes a dog, I am not kidding. This might be above and beyond on the diversity count, but I can’t wait to see that talk!

She also managed to ensure diversity for her panels. “A Day In The Life of CISO” panel has a majority of women. The presenters for the breakout session were another story.

In this year’s InfoSec World call for presenters, only 6% of submissions received were from women.

She was frustrated that more women didn’t apply. It made it impossible for her to ensure gender equality for her breakout sessions. She followed up with past presenters to find out if they had negative experiences, to determine if that was part of the low number of female presenters. What she found was that InfoSec World Conference wasn’t all that different from other security conferences and that generally past presenters had a very positive experience. The low application rate was due to the lack of women in the field along with the fact that women are less likely to to apply to conferences in general.

Kathrine and her team are not happy to leave this as the status quo and they are doing a number of things to increase the number of submissions from women next year. First and foremost they want to encourage as many women as possible to attend the conference this year. As part of that initiative all Code Like A Girl readers can use the code OS18-CLAG to receive 15% off conference fees.

Our involvement in the conference is another way for Katherine and her team to attract, highlight, and showcase the women in security at the conference. In Katherine’s own words:

The more visible current female practitioners are, the greater the likelihood other women will think, “Hey, I can do that too.” They will see there is a supportive community (not just of women) who want them to succeed.

As part of our sponsorship we will be hosting articles about a few of their female speakers. We are very excited to shine a light on these amazing women and amplify their voices.

As an added bonus, I will be attending the conference! I am very excited about it as there are some phenomenal cybersecurity talks and presentations on the schedule. I will be able to indulge my inner cybersecurity geek and share my learnings and impressions of the conference with the Code Like A Girl community.

Consider joining me at the conference and learn more about security in the process! I hope to see some of you at the conference!

Don’t forget if you want to attend to use the code OS18-CLAG to get 15% off the conference fees.

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