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Dinah & Sean at our monthly breakfast at Seven Shores in Uptown Waterloo

How You Can Help

In our first year we added just over 10 000 followers. In the following six months we have added 15 000 followers! In May of 2016 we had a total of 7343 site views. This May we had 68 739 site views. That is a nine times increase in traffic from the same time last year!

Not only that, but there is a shift happening. Amplifying many women’s stories is effecting real change. Each time a woman speaks up it is more powerful. So much so, that when Susan J. Fowler spoke up, it resulted in public outcry, a third party investigation of the “the specific issues relating to the work place environment raised by SusanFowler, as well as diversity and inclusion at Uber more broadly,” and ultimately the resignation of the CEO and many board members.

Just because Uber made some significant and important changes, does not mean we are done. There is still a long way to go, but amplifying the stories of women and other minorities in tech is the key to achieving equality.

In February, we wanted to increase our reach, so we started translating some of our articles into Spanish with the help of Maria Alejandra Yepes. We now have 17 Spanish articles on our site!

En español – Code Like A Girl

In June, we launched the Brazilian chapter of Code Like A Girl and introduce the role of Regional Editor. A regional editor curates, writes, and edits stories for their section. They also run the regional twitter account to better engage with the regional Code Like A Girl Community.

Andressa Chiara has taken on the role of Regional Editor of Brazil with with enthusiasm. Her effort and leadership are showing with some of our portuguese stories getting over 1000 views!

Em português – Code Like A Girl

As we have seen the model of a regional editor work, we are excited to announce that Maria Alejandra Yepes has been promoted from translator to Spanish Regional Editor. Along with translating work, Maria will be curating Spanish content and running the new Spanish Twitter handle to help grow our Spanish Code Like A Girl community!

Code Like A Girl ES (@CodeLikeAGirlES) | Twitter

With the added responsibilities we will be looking for more Spanish translators to help Maria. Please reach out to Maria via DM on the twitter handle if you are interested.

What’s Next?

More Languages!!! We would love to expand our languages by adding a french section to Code Like A Girl. If you are interested in writing french stories, translating existing stories into french, or becoming the french regional editor please reach out to me at

Fluent in another Language?! Reach out and we can discuss further chapters.

All Code Like A Girl positions are done on a volunteer basis. The goal of Code Like A Girl is not to make money. Our goal is to change the perception of Women In Technology by telling their stories and amplifying their voices. I hope one day our organization is redundant and no longer needed.

Want to Help but Don’t Have Time to Volunteer?

No problem. There are many ways you can contribute.


Help us Amplify our writers stories so more people are exposed to their stories.

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Walk the Talk

Support Code Like A Girl and raise awareness by buying and wearing Code Like A Girl gear. All profits go right back into Code Like A Girl.

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Financial Support

Lastly, you can help us financially. Money is used for stickers to give out at events, support our online programs and costs, as well as support new initiatives.

Code Like a Girl is creating content to champion Women in Technology | Patreon

Corporate Sponsorship

We already have some great sponsors like Hiplay, who gave us 6 months free service, StickerYou, who gave us a discount on stickers, and KidsWifi,that gave us 20 dollars from every KidsWifi sold on International Women’s Day.

Our largest current need is the use of a service or tool to allow multiple people to contribute to our social media feeds. I am currently running all the english social sites myself, and could really use the help. It would also allow us to add collaborators to the Brazilian and Spanish twitter handles. These services usually cost 100$ US per month, which is far out of our budget.

Have an idea for how your company can help? We would love to hear it. Email us at

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