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Code Like A Girl: The Logo

Kristina Foster designed the mobile website and we decided to work together again to build the Code Like A Girl logo. Here is the thought process that went into creating this awesome design.

The Words

“Code Like A Girl” is a project to empower women to realize their dreams using technology, inspire girls to consider careers in technology, and raise awareness around women in tech issues.

We chose the words “Like A Girl” because we want girls and women to know that they could look like a woman, act like a woman, be a woman, and write kick ass code! Coding like a girl is no different than coding like a boy. The only difference is your gender. So often women believe that to work in tech they must conform to how men dress and act to fit in. We want to dispel that belief and celebrate that they can be themselves and have amazing careers in technology.

We elongated the L to encompass the girl into the Logo, but also to give her a solid foundation to stand on. Code Like A Girl is intended to support and empower girls and women in technology and this was a great way to symbolize it.

Code Like A Girl Icon

The Girl

The girl expresses three main themes.

The first theme is inclusion. Kristina and I deliberately made her universally androgynous with not too many feminine markers. She intentionally does not have a specific fashion sense, whether that be hipster, professional, girly, geeky, athletic, or otherwise. We want any woman to look at her and see themselves.

For the second theme, we want her to exude the thrill of figuring out a hard problem and shouting with joy when she solves it. Kristina was able to express this by having the girl throw up her hands in joy.

The third theme is technology. Our girl does not scream tech! Kristina and I tried many different options to bring this feeling to the girl. We finally settled on the command prompt image >_. It symbolizes that the control is in the girl’s hand. She can start building anything! The possibilities are endless.

The Colours

We don’t believe that all Women in Tech messaging should be pink. Many organizations believe that making tech “pink” will make it more appealing to women. This is called pinkwashing, and we don’t believe it is particularly effective.

Girls are taught to “Think Pink” from an early age, but that doesn’t mean they will like something because it is pink. We chose to actively combat the idea that pink makes it appealing to girls. As a result, we choose colours for the logo and website that would be more gender neutral. Kristina showed me options of yellow, green, and blue. Together we felt the purply blue tones we chose have a hint of femininity, but are neutral enough to appeal, to men, women, and young girls.

The design process

Find out more about Kristina’s design process on her OddVoxel blog!

Code Like A Girl Logo, Part 1: Inspiration

Code Like A Girl Merchandise

You can support Code Like A Girl by purchasing Code Like A Girl merchandise at our cafepress store. Stickers with the new Logo are now available and you can of course continue to buy our headphones girl merch there as well, she isn’t going anywhere!

Code Like A Girl Logo Decal on

We are very excited about our new logo and we hope you are too! Help spread the Code Like A Girl message by recommending and sharing this post!