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Code Like A Girl Translator’s Guide

If you aren’t already a Code Like A Girl translator or writer. Follow the instructions in this article:

Want to Contribute to Code Like A Girl?

Awesome! Now that you are a translator here are a few things you need to know.

How to Choose an Article for Translation

There are two ways to choose articles to translate.

First is to pick your favourite article and request to translated it.

Second take a look at our list of translated articles to see if there is one that hasn’t been translated into your language yet and request it.

How to Request an Article to Translate

French Translations
Please make the request in the Code Like A Girl French Translators and Writers facebook Group. The regional editor, currently Dinah Davis, will respond and give you the go ahead to do the translation.

Spanish Translations
Contact your regional editor Maria Alejandra Yepes

Drop an email to with your medium and twitter user name, you will be added to the publication as a writer.

Portuguese Translations
Contact your regional editor Andressa Chiara

Send an email to with your medium and twitter user name, you will be added to the publication as a writer and will be able to submit your articles and translations.

Article Submission

Please submit your translated articles in draft form. This way we can review before we publish it.

Protip — Connect your twitter account to your medium account. This way when your translation is tweeted you will automatically get tagged in the tweet!

Article Attribution

At the top of the translated article we need to attribute the article. So for example if we were to take this article.

The myth of the ‘cool tech girl’

The Portuguese article should have this at the top: Traduzido para a Code Like A Girl por <@seu perfil no medium>. Original em Inglês publicado por <nome da/o autor/a>, original aqui <link para o artigo original>.

The Spanish article should have: Escrito por Sarah Stockdale y traducido al español por @YOURNAME para CodeLikeAGirl. Artículo original en inglés aquí.

The French article should have: Écrit par Sarah Stockdale et traduit en français par @YOURNAME pour CodeLikeAGirl. Article original en anglais ici.

If it were a non-english story that has been translated to english it should read: Written by Sarah Stockdale and translated into english by @YOURNAME for CodeLikeAGirl. The original article can be found here.