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Code Like A Girl: Year One


January, 2016

I launched the Code Like A Girl publication along with a Facebook page. I wasn’t exactly sure where I wanted Code Like A Girl to go, but I knew that I wanted to create a space on Medium to talk about women in tech issues as I didn’t feel that existed at the time.

Sean Yo joined as Co-editor before the end of the month!

Followers: 0

Stories Published: 9

My Favorite Story — Women Who Reign: Angel Gao: I loved finding this story on Medium as Angel had worked for me on co-op in the past!

Women Who Reign: Angel Gao

Top Story — Lean In, then Lean the Fuck Out: 3.3k views*

Lean In, then Lean the Fuck Out

February, 2016

I spent most of February looking for content for on medium Code Like A Girl and requesting it. Sean and I also started hounding our friends to write articles! Many came through for me over the next few months.

Followers: 179

Stories Published: 8

My Favorite Story — From Cat Fights to Having It All: Our first story by the amazing Karen Schulman Dupuis. At that point I had only met her via the interwebs, but in March I got to meet her in real life! It was awesome. One of my favorite parts of Code Like A Girl is all the new people I know both locally and around the world!

From Cat Fights to Having It All: Perception vs. Reality For Women In Tech

Top Story — Burnout and Recovery at a Tech Internship: 7.7k views

Burnout and Recovery at a Tech Internship

March 2016

We launched our new Logo! The talented and generous Kristina Foster created this amazing design for us pro bono. We will forever be grateful.

Followers: 578

Stories Published: 11

My Favorite Story — Spread Your Words: This month’s favorite was written by our own Sean Yo. He captured the essence of what we are trying to achieve and the kinds of writers we want!

Spread Your Words with “Code Like A Girl”

Top Story — An Open Letter to the First Years: 26K views

An Open Letter to the First Years

April 2016

This month we didn’t have a huge hit like other months. Our top story this month received 2.3K views. However we made up for that by almost doubling the number of stories! In April we started to get people submitting articles to Code Like A Girl instead of requesting them!

Followers: 960

Stories Published: 21

My Favorite Story — The Best Coding Interview I Ever Took: I loved this story with practical tips to ace a technical interview!

The best coding interview I ever took

Top Story — Why Coding Style Matters: 2.3K views

Why coding style matters

May 2016

We almost doubled followers in May! We were gaining momentum. At 1600 followers I felt there were actual strangers starting to follow Code Like A Girl, not just my friends, co-workers, and acquaintances! It was exciting to see a larger number of people interested in what we were doing.

Followers: 1600

Stories Published: 12

My Favorite Story: My favorite story this month was also the top story. I loved how one tweet where the author used the pronoun “her” instead of “him” cause a tweet storm! Even better the author wrote about why he used “her” and the reactions to it.

Top Story — Why ‘her’?: 24K Views

Why ‘her’?

June 2016

We hit a new record on the number of stories published and added 800 followers!!!

Followers: 2400

Stories Published: 25

My Favorite Story — The Only Woman In The Room: I love the honesty that Erin Burrell brought to this story. I can definitely identify with some of what she says and it was a great reminder that being the only women in the room isn’t something to be proud of, it’s something we need to actively work on changing!

The only woman in the room

Top Story — The Curse Women who are “too accomplished” face: 7.7K Views

The curse women who are “too accomplished” face and the old boys’ club that fears them

July 2016

We had our first case of Harassment involving a young girl that posted about how she was teaching seniors to code. This was quite upsetting to me and I wrote about it. We were grateful for the positive support and encouragement the Code Like A Girl community offered. The Code Like a Girl Pen Name was born out of this incident.

Followers: 3100

Stories Published: 29

My Favorite Story — I am Woman. Hear Me Tech!: My sister Pamela Fellbaum blew me away when she sent me this story without telling me she was writing it. Ten years ago, my sister was probably one of the most tech averse people I knew, other than my Dad. However, in this story she describes how she became the go to tech person at her nursing job. I loved reading why she felt it was important for women to be tech savvy, even if they didn’t work in tech.

I am woman. Hear me Tech!

Top Story — The Gender Wage Gap in Silicon Valley: 14K views

The gender wage gap in Silicon Valley

August 2016

We tried out our first “Conversations” piece! In it we looked back at a previous story and spoke about what happened after we published. The Conversation pieces were written by Kendra Ross. I just love her energy and enthusiasm. We followed up the August piece with one in September, and both were met positively. Sadly, Kendra just didn’t have enough time in her schedule to continue. We hope one day she will come back and write for us again!

If you or anyone else is interested in writing Conversation pieces let us know.

Followers: 4196

Stories Published: 27

My Favorite Story — Side Hustle: Side-Hustle! Now I had a word for what I am doing with Code Like A Girl! I am a wife, mom, and R&D Director at a start-up. Code Like a Girl isn’t my main focus, but when I am working on it I am focused and Hustling to find more writers, promote the articles, write my own, all to amplify the voices of Women In Tech.

How Side-Hustle Made Me Who I Am

Top Story — The Beginner’s Guide to Freelance: 9K

The Beginner’s Guide to Freelance

September 2016

September was a busy month for Code Like A Girl. We published 36 stories, our second conversations piece, and partnered with Hackademy to build binary beads at the Kitchener Waterloo MakerExpo.

Followers: 5607

Stories Published: 36

My Favorite Story — Balls to the Wall: First off the title was amazing. Secondly the topic and how the author approached it was very powerful. If you haven’t read it yet you should check it out.

Balls to the Wall

Top Story — Calling All Moms: Stop Saying That!:3K views

Calling All Moms: Stop Saying That!

October 2016

We had our first anonymous post!

Followers: 7074

Stories Published: 31

My Favorite Story — Predicting 2017’s Hottest New Tech: Kimberly Koenig reached out and asked if Code Like a Girl would consider adding satire to it’s repertoire. After I read some of her pieces I was on board. This was my favorite from October. It made me laugh out loud numerous times.

Predicting 2017’s hottest new tech

Top Story — On Women and “Good” Places to Work:3K views

On Women and “Good” Places to Work

November 2016

November was a hard month for women everywhere, not just women in tech. We thought maybe it would be a glorious month for women, with Hillary in the white house, but we were bitterly disappointed. I only started to feel better after I wrote “Hear Us Roar.” We will not be quiet.

Followers: 8852

Stories Published: 32

My Favorite Story — How I built the Women in Tech Program and Communitech: Alayne V. Hynes pioneered the Women In Tech program at Communitech in Kitchener Waterloo. I had the great pleasure to work with her to take the Women In Tech P2P group from 20 members to over 500 in just two years. I asked Alayne to write her story and I wasn’t disappointed.

How I built the Women In Tech Program at Communitech

Top Story — Go to All The Meetups:2K views

Go To All The Meetups, they said…

December 2016

We hit 10 000 followers!!! WOW. I had 10 000 as a stretch goal in the back of my head for the first year. I am overwhelmed and grateful for the support that the Code Like A Girl community has shown. We will work hard to continue to bring you content that will push the boundaries of how people think about women in tech.

Followers: 10 686

Stories Published: 31

My Favorite Story — Want to Raise A Rocket Scientist?: I am always on the look out for great STEM toys for my daughter. So when I saw this article I requested it right away. The best part was when Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls shared the link!

Want to Raise a Rocket Scientist? 20 Holiday Gifts to Give Girls a Head Start

Top Story — From Secretary to Software Developer: At 32K views this is also our top story of 2016.

From Secretary to Software Developer: the hard way

January 11, 2017

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Code Like A Girl Publication. We are so thankful to our writers, followers, and supporters for helping us amplify the voices of women in tech and bring light to their struggles. I believe we are making a difference.

For many of us January is a time of renewal, a time to look ahead and imagine what the next year might be, what it could be. We are so excited about what we’ve accomplished, together with you, over 2016…but we’re even more excited about what we can do together in 2017 — despite the challenges we will be surely facing.

We know you support Code Like A Girl and supporting a bright and successful future for all Women in Tech and we’re tremendously grateful for that support. We would like to invite you to consider three ways you could live that support:

  1. Share our publication on your network. It’s easy! A link on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter with a few words about how much you love this project is all it takes. Do you have powerful influencers in your network? Why not ask them to repost?
  2. Keep reading our posts, like them and then share them. Keeping your audience up to date on your latest and favorite Code Like A Girl stories is simple, fast and will help us continue to grow like we have this first year
  3. Write a story for us. Seriously. We want to hear from YOU. This project is all about real stories from real people of all genders and your experiences. We are very supportive and would love to hear about your ideas. We’re experienced writers and we’re happy to provide support, including editing. If you’re a pro — let’s talk about your next article for us! If you’re just starting out, start adding publications to your resume by writing with us and publishing your first article ever!

This has been an amazing, inspiring and humbling year. We are deeply grateful for your time and attention, for the work and passion of our writers and for the multitude of ways this work has made a difference in the world we live in. Together we can be the change we wish to see in the world.

We can and we are.


*The number of views for a story is the number of views it has received from day it was published until Jan 2017.