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Code Like A Girl

Code like a girl? You bet I do.

In my family there are four women in tech, so I never really grew up thinking women in tech were that rare. My mother took Computing and Mathematics in University and my two sisters both studied Computer Science at University. My sisters both knew they’d go into tech as they were big gamers and very involved with the world of anime while growing up.


I loved partying, punk rock and shopping. Both my sisters are now very successful coders, but guess what I do?

I code too. I took a computer programming course in high school and got a pretty good mark, so figured I’d take a stab at a Computer Science degree. I wasn’t really expecting to become a software developer, but I am so glad I did.

It wasn’t until my second year of university that it became apparent to me just how few girls there really were in computer science. I had enrolled in a graphics programming class that I thought would be super cool. On the day of my first class I was already late and had to book it across campus and when I walked in the prof had already started his lecture. The door just happened to be at the front of the classroom and the whole place stopped and stared at me.

“The English class is just down the hall on the right,”

the professor said to me. I looked around at a room of mostly guys and suddenly felt entirely out of place. I was so embarrassed I almost went to that English class, but instead I told him I was there for his graphics class and sat down. After the midterm exam, that same prof stood in the front of the classroom and said

“There’s one student who received a 92% on her exam. Congratulations Sarah.”

Everyone just turned around and stared. I couldn’t believe it! I thought:

I got the highest mark! I belong here and I can so do this.”

To all women out there reading this: If you’ve ever thought of pursuing a career in technology, go for it! And even if you haven’t thought of it yet, do give it some thought. There are so many different technologies and awesome companies to work with.

I started out my career thinking I wanted to design websites but quickly found my passion for data modelling and architecture. I’ve tried out other roles outside of pure programming such as business analyst, project manager, product owner and technical support, but I missed coding.

I am now focused on data science, analytics and architecture, and there are so many different avenues to pursue.

Computer Science isn’t just for the guys, gamers and geeks — it’s for all of us other women too!