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Coding bootcamp === new career

This time last year I hadn’t written a line of code, thought of Java as coffee rather than a programming language, and most of my assumptions about what a programmer was came from watching The Social Network. Wear a hoodie, drink beer, create Facebook. I was also feeling unfulfilled in my career. I hadn’t found that illusive calling thing so decided to look into different options. One of those options was Northcoders. I have a hoodie, I like beer, I can definitely do this programming thing.

Coders of the North

Northcoders is a 3 month intensive bootcamp that taught me the skills required to get a job as a junior software developer and also gave me the support to help me land my first role. Luckily, the more I learnt, the more I knew this was what I wanted to do. I am now working as an Idea Implementer (well those ideas aren’t going to implement themselves) at CLOS Consultancy. We work with a number of start-up’s in the North West, bringing together people and technology as an integrated solution to scaling-up.

Hello world (of work)

Since joining CLOS in August I’ve worked on our company website, helped to implement new features on client projects, taken part in planning meetings to help businesses identify their minimum viable product (MVP), helped scope out work flows in sprint planning meetings, started learning React Native, Firebase, AWS, attended a training course on UX Design and Usability Testing, been part of the audience for the Northern Power Women podcast and helped out at a WIT North meet up during National Coding Week. Each week is different and it is this diversity, the support I receive, and autonomy I’ve been given that makes me feel very lucky to be in this position.

From idea to app

I am currently working on a really exciting project which will provide resources, development tools, and create fresh opportunities for people returning to or entering into tech after a career break. The talent skills gap in tech is top of the Northern Powerhouse’s agenda so it’s great to be a part of an initiative that is helping to address the issue. We currently have an MVP that we will be launching soon for beta testing so watch this space. It’s been very rewarding to be part of an idea from the beginning, seeing it go from the white board, to wire frame, to the screen and eventually live to the world. Eeeek!