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Compete Against Yourself Not Others

I never quite understood why I would repeatedly hear the phrase Compete Against Yourself Not Others until I recently went back to school. A month ago I began an awesome course/part time bootcamp at The New York Coding and Design Academy in downtown Manhattan. I was so excited to expand my horizons in the world of Fullstack JavaScript at the same place I had taken Web Development 100 and Front End 101. For two years in between, I was furthering my education intensively online before I finally was ready with the help of my family to take the course. They started offering it about a year and a half ago, but I was not able to take it at that time.

My goal is to be picked up by a major company with a visual and digital focus. All my experience and learning for the past 13 years has been focused on that. That’s why I call myself a Visual Developer. Anyone who knows me would agree.

I have been hearing people say to each other, How did you do that? I want to do that! or I wish I could do that already!, You're always way ahead of me. Just you wait and see. One day I will catch up with you! etc. I don’t utter such statements or observations anymore. It’s not that I think I’m way ahead of anyone I know. Not at all. It’s because I am only concerned with how far I have gone and how much have I grown as a developer since two years ago, and what are my goals and desired accomplishments now. The only person I want to compete against is myself. I am beginning to understand how hard those that I look up to had to work to get where they are now. How much they had to sacrifice in order to get there. I am sure they too were focused on their goals and accomplishments and not wasting time distracted by the goals and accomplishments of others.

You know what? I love software development. I couldn’t imagine a day or a life without it. Just like I couldn’t imagine a day or life without beautiful imagery and words.

So the next time you feel compelled to compare yourself to others, don’t. Compare yourself against your former self and what you think you’d like your future self to be. Otherwise you will never be happy with yourself, your life, or your accomplishments!

For me, life just would not be complete without those things. What drives you every day?

This article was first published on my Developer Blog Feb 5, 2018 @ 23:05.