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Conversations: A Prelude

Something fascinating happens when you share your thoughts online. People talk! The internet allows all of us to share insights into our worlds. The conversation that’s generated doesn’t just happen on Medium. It continues on Twitter, Facebook, forums, and even *gasp* in real life.

When Kendra published her first story with Code Like A Girl, Your Privilege, the conversation was already happening. The piece was a frustrated, exasperated, venting continuation of a discussion that she’d been having with a friend. Given that the conversation had originated offline, it made sense that it continued offline and throughout our community after the fact.

Part of Code Like A Girl’s mandate is drawing attention to these discussions. It’s important to us to amplify the voices of women in tech, and the conversations they’re engaged in.

So, every month, Kendra will take the opportunity to share the conversation that was started by one of our stories. Look out for her first installment next week. We hope the discussion keeps going here, and in other mediums as well.

Dinah, Kendra, Sean, and the entire Code Like A Girl team