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Do You Let Your Children Use Technology?

While I was reeling through all the game recomendations and amusing GIFS on Facebook, I saw a post on a dads group I’m following. It mentioned about their child using technology such as tablets and phones at a young age. They had always resisted it until recently, when they decided to allow them a small amount of time playing a game.

I felt compelled to comment on the post as they were seeking opinions on whether this was a good idea or not. My answer got me thinking about the role that technology plays in our lives both now and in future.

I have always been of the opinion that our daughter should use technology as early as possible. From a young age, we played educational games on our PC with her, and we bought her a tablet when she was old enough to use it.

This is because I have always seen technology as another subject to learn along with English and mathematics. With the world moving ever more digital, anyone who is left behind will quickly fall away.

My mother had great trouble figuring out any type of technology beyond a basic text message. And I have seen many people discarded from job interviews and other opportunities because their IT skills were lacking.

I remember my primary school was one of the first to get a computer. It was a BBC computer to be exact and we all huddled around it much like cavemen must have done when they discovered fire.

By today’s standards, the little coloured dots and tiny block characters were primitive. But it was the start of something magical and in many ways, sparked my love of technology.

Now however, computers and other forms of technology as commonplace as chairs and tables were at my school. It gives them access to a vast amount of information that I would have had to spend hours looking up in the local library.

Of course there needs to be care taken on what children are getting access to, but we can’t let that detract from the enormous amount of good it can offer.

I want my daughter to grow up knowing that she can become whatever she wants to be. Our responsibility as parents is to give them the very best foundation on which to build their future.

If in the end, she wants to become a hermit and live in a cave with no technology, then that is her choice. At least I will know that we have done everything to giver her any option she wanted.

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