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Do you like to draw with code?

or finding support throughout coding adulthood when you are still just a child inside

When I need a little inspiration or motivation, I turn to my childhood heroes, and Mr. Rogers was one of them.

He was known for being an exceptionally kind-hearted and gentle educator, who had a children’s show on the TV when I was a kid.

A few days back, I came across one of his episodes, and it was so uplifting I had to share, and if like me, you are always up for a feel-good moment.

Check the video below, where if you substitute the word crayons for code, you will get an instant tech pep-talk. 🙂

Do you like to draw with crayons? “I do. But I am not very good at it.”

I think, I will just draw something here.

It doesn’t matter. It’s just the fun of doing it that is important.

Now, I’ve wouldn’t have made that if I just been thinking about it. Just pretending about it, it wouldn’t been there.

You could make believe it happens

or pretend that something is true

You can wish,

Or Hope,

Or Contemplate…

A thing you would like to do.

But until you start to do it,

You will never see it through,

Cause the make believe — pretending,

Just won’t do it,

For you.

You’ve got to do it…

Every little bit, you got to do it.

Do it, do it , do it,

Then when you are through,

You can know who did it,

Cause you did it,

You did it,

YOU did it…

That’s right, and its feel good to do things

No matter how anybody says it is.

It feels good to have made something.