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Ever heard about the Red Shoe Movement?

Empowering women through the use of red stilettos.

It’s a great way to empower women in any industry, really.

The Red Shoe Movement has seven principles:

  • Mentor younger or less experienced women whenever you have a chance
  • Offer opportunities to women who are eager to learn
  • Provide honest feedback to women in your network, and avoid hurtful comments or unnecessary criticism
  • Cultivate your relationship with women on your team
  • Celebrate the accomplishments of women publicly
  • Refrain from bad-mouthing women
  • Avoid using labels that contribute to stereotyping women

This movement was created by Mariela Dabbah as a response to the gender inequality problem that is present in today’s workplace.

One of the main statements of this movement is the“Red Shoe Tuesday” in which women wear red shoes on this day as a visual reminder to keep the principles and feel empowered.

If you want to implement this movement in your company, make sure to follow this link. Empower a woman in business today!