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Expecting just a little bit more

Every Friday at the Iron Yard, we have “Friday Huddle” where our Campus Director, Karly, leads us in some sort of personal development activity.

Today, we talked about pressure. This was actually something that I had been thinking about the past week. Learning to code has definitely been challenging, but my mindset was to just fix the problem at hand or just get the assignment done. I realized that this was incredibly limiting and even made the work more difficult at times.

Our assignments typically have at least 3 different levels of difficulty. We need to always finish the first level, but then proceed if we can. After 5 weeks into this course, I sort of deemed myself as a second level type of student. I wouldn’t even attempt the third level because of being so discouraged from just reading it.

Last week, I decided that rather than just aiming to get two levels done and call it quits, I would just start the assignment and see where it goes. It’s crazy how much this has actually changed in just a few days. It’s like I literally removed some ceiling that I was making for myself.

So, back to this idea about pressure…Karly showed us the graph below and explained how our best performance is tied to some optimal level of pressure.

Before this week, I’ve been fluctuating between anxiety and just low expectations of myself which I suppose was my way of forcing myself into that low pressure spectrum.

I have even started building out my assignments with all the framework for the bells and whistles that the hardest levels call for because I know that I can do it, or that I can at least try.

Earlier this week, I made almost a full blog CMS that I was really proud of. You can register for an account and then login, and if your credentials aren’t right, it won’t let you! You can also toggle different posts by clicking on their links in the sidebar and then you can write your new post which will automatically populate into the rest of the archives. I know that sounds simple but it was something that I never thought I could make. Here’s a little gif of it:

Approaching a new thing or problem without any pretense about what I am or am not capable of is freeing and empowering, I’d highly suggest trying it.

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