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Feature Interview — Ramsha Arshad, Solutions Architect at Red Hat, Inc.

By Fiona Whittington

Courageous, creative, and quick — Ramsha Arshad embodies all the qualities of an engineer and more. Originally a finance major at St. John’s University in New York City, Ramsha transferred to Boston University after her sophomore year to pursue an undergraduate degree in computer science. Currently, Ramsha is working at Red Hat as a Solutions Architect Intern.

“A solution architect is basically a Sales Engineer,” she said. “We are responsible for working with consultants to create materials that teach Red Hat clients about our technologies.”

Currently, Ramsha is working on a team of architects, consultants, and engineers to deploy a multi-cluster 3scale API manager onto OpenShift. OpenShift is an open source container application platform for developers to build, scale, and run applications in the cloud.

Photo by Fiona Whittington Edited by Grace Colbert

Before coming to Red Hat, Ramsha used Red Hat’s operating system, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), to download materials for her data structures course at Boston University.

“ I used RHEL during the installation process because it was compatible with my virtual machine, whereas my macOS wasn’t,” she said.

In addition to utilizing Red Hat’s technology before her internship, Ramsha had already become familiar with Red Hat’s mission through recruiting events at Boston University.

“At recruiting events, no matter whom I talk to they’re always very enthusiastic about their job at Red Hat,” she said. “That excitement really rubbed off on me.”

Ramsha cites Red Hat’s open source culture as a catalyst for most of her positive experiences at the company.

Photo By Fiona Whittington Edited by Grace Colbert

“Because it is an open environment, everyone is so welcoming,” she said. “Everyone is incredibly accessible. You can go up to anyone with any question, regardless of if they are a manager or not.”

Prior to her internship, Ramsha didn’t feel the same level of security and comfort. She recalled feeling very scared, unqualified, and underprepared. After talking to her manager, these negative feelings quickly disappeared.

“It gave me a peace of mind just knowing that I don't have to be an incredible engineer to have an internship at Red Hat. The reason I got this internship is not because I’m qualified, but because my manager believes that one day I can get to that level. He saw the potential in me.”

In addition to Red Hat’s welcoming atmosphere, Ramsha has enjoyed exploring all the parks and places to eat outside the office.

If you want to continue the conversation with Ramsha, feel free to contact her at Pro Tip — if you want her to respond to your email quickly, just throw in a Game of Thrones reference.