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First I was Frustrated; Then I was a Winner

To make my first web server at home.

When pUTTY brings no errors on SSH

I remember like it was yesterday, I made my web server at home to deploy my chatbots and keep them online. Actually, it was yesterday.

That feeling when you’re beginning something new and scary, and you have no idea if you will do it to the end. It is your thing, your challenge.

I felt real freedom, and I succeeded with a lot of struggle; but I’m grateful I came to the conclusion.

The Internet brings us so much Information, which sometimes we can’t filter as fast as we want.

I searched in Google for “Tutorials to make *LAMP on Raspbian”. There was a large quantity of valuable information, but sometimes we don’t require it. We scan the text and take the two commands we need to accomplish the task.

For my happiness and positive learning experience, I decided to start a blog with a minimum amount of information for maximum possibilities from setting up the web server to deploy my chatbot.

It will be like “live stream” because I’m still learning.

I would love to share my experience with you.

The First Episode of my Series.

Thank you for listening. Stay awesome ❤!

*LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP.