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From Circuits to Servers

Growing up, I always had fun messing around on the computer, but I never considered it a career option. All through high school I thought I would go to college and end up doing majoring in a business field like accounting or finance.

All that changed when I met a friend’s dad who told me that if I liked math and physics, I would enjoy a major in Electrical Engineering. All the intro classes of the major seemed fun — playing with robots, designing power circuits, creating a senior design project from scratch — so I continued on to obtain my undergraduate and graduate degrees in the field. My favorite classes were incidentally the ones that involved programming, like Digital Logic and Microprocessors.

After graduating with my Master’s degrees in Management and Electrical Engineering, my fiancé and I moved to Connecticut for his medical residency program, and I found a job at a firm that designs automated test systems for other companies’ products. At this job, I got to work with both hardware and software (mostly using National Instruments’ proprietary language called LabVIEW), and I found that I enjoyed software as much as, if not more than, hardware.

My fiancé was relocated to Shands hospital in Gainesville this year, so I decided teach myself a few programming languages to help me transition from hardware to software development. In my search, I saw Mobiquity’s openings for iOS developers and immediately had my heart set on the position. Fast forward a couple months and now I’m a Mobiquity mobile developer in training and I’m excited for the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about iOS!

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