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Gittin’ my Star Trek project to the final frontier

After attending the Strange Loop conference in St. Louis this past weekend, I am both in awe of my programming peers and also doubly motivated to continue working my project. After explaining the gist of my gender + Star Trek + data analysis idea to a few awesome lady coders, they implored that I put it on GitHub immediately.

So on the way back to Chicago, I taught myself GitHub with the help of Jessica Lord’s awesome tutorial Git-It and put those new skills to work.

First, I downloaded a prettier terminal — Hyper. Just like all of all of the people before me, I feel like such a badass when I use the command line. Gotta thank 80s hacker movies for that.

What I learned while putting my project on GitHub using bash commands:

  • $ pwd (where am I?)
  • $ mkdir (new home where my amazing code can live)
  • $ cd (getting to the right place)
  • $ touch (new files to replace my random runkits)
  • $ git init (tracking my biz)
  • $ git status (plz no code red)
  • $ git add (moving on up)
  • $ git commit (too late for cold feet)
  • $ git push (real good, dun dun dun duuuun)

And at long last, here it is in all of its glory, my first ever GitHub repo.

GitHub’s celebratory image commemorating the occasion