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Go For A Vacation & Bring Home A New Skill

On a Learning Vacation

Wow, what an exciting concept “Learning Vacation”

Are you planning for a vacation and still thinking you will leave something behind? Then don't worry go for it, plan smartly. You will come back having learned something new!

Let’s make your vacation more interesting and more useful by making it a


“Learning vacations” can be engaging, fulfilling and fun, a chance to get inspired and be creative, achieve those goals and passions that you placed to one side. A learning vacation can help you bring those goals and passions back, whether that’s learning to paint, whittle, fly, taste wine, study Japanese design, learn a new language, or learn a new programming language or learn to code.

This is the popular variations on a “vacation” today is called a Learning Vacation. This hottest new travel trend is both fun and educational. Each time, you come home with a completed project. “Isn’t that fun?” “It can be really a good break.”

There is great range of inspirational and educational holiday courses around the globe. There are experts who care about your holidays so you can ‘go learn to’ do something amazing.

Search for career and recreational cooking schools, wine courses, golf & tennis schools; camps, high performance programs, writers workshops & conferences; photography, film & video workshops, schools, art & craft workshops; language vacations, cultural travel programs, and artists’ and writers’ residencies & retreats and many more.

There are two main types of learning vacations:

  • Taught
  • Self-Taught

Taught learning vacations are the way to go when you want to meet interesting people, have someone on hand to answer questions, and feel more of a vacation “vibe”.

Pursue a self-taught learning vacation if you’re just as content gathering the learning resources on your own and finding an environment conducive to studying.

The aim with a learning vacation isn’t necessarily to be in a new location (though this can be great) but to dive into something new, and come out of it with a new skill or appreciation that you didn’t have before.

5 Steps for How to plan for a learning vacation:

  • First, decide the topic or skill you want to learn.
  • Second, research the people, companies and/or resources that can help you begin.
  • Third, do your research and find out how long you need to “study”.
  • Fourth, Book the time off work, make any other needed reservations, and
  • Fifth, set your vacation auto-responder.

Nothing will help you commit to something more fully than actually spending money on it, and seriously committing it to your calendar.

Though it can be on any topic or skill, as a techie I’m interested in learning to code(computer programming) so to help get you started, here are some learning vacation taught and self-taught ideas and resources that may be useful for you to start code or pursue further:

Taught Courses:

Here, is the list of few taught learning vacation coding courses links which I find interesting, have a look:

  3. (Have many)

Self-Taught Courses:

Here, is the list of few self-taught learning vacation coding courses links which I find interesting, have a look:


Summary in just 5 words: Live + Travel + Learn + Code + Enjoy

Happy Travel and learn to code at the same time.

So tell me, Do you also find “Learning Vacation” interesting? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.