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Goodbye, Google

an open micro-letter


Google was not built for me.
And after two years here, I've finally learned that Google will never grow to be a place for me either.

I have not had one day where I could bring my whole self to work.
I have not had one day where I could bring half of myself to work.
Have you?

Here at Google, I've been ignored, placated, judged and discredited.

Here at Google, I've been harassed, sent death threats, stalked and pushed around.

When I look back on my time here at Google, I will never remember the fun things I learned about compilers, or the opportunity to work alongside world-renowned engineers.

I will remember a company that never wanted me, that never had my back. A company that let men harass me, stood back and said, "not my problem". A company whose equity pushes are all talk. A company with internal logos like the RIOT logo – a rip-off of Black Lives Matter and other social justice movements. A company who will always put convenience and cash over employee safety. A company full of white and Asian men who, in fact, know everything.

I implore all of you to learn about your differences. Take classes. Read.

Remember, when judging a person's character, demeanor or mannerisms, you cannot know how much of themselves they've already hidden and changed to pacify you. Think about this before you ask them to do more.

It's been a pleasure working with many of you. I wish you all the best.