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HackathonGirls & Mozilla Clubs Launching in Banjul, Gambia

HackathonGirls are a group of young dynamic minds that are already in IT, who work together to empower and encourage more females into the field of technology to break the stereotype most girls face in their communities. They also work on the skills they already have by learning from each other and improving in their IT skills such as programming etc, likewise embark and involve in IT projects. There are many girls in the Gambia who are victorious in Science fields through senior school and University, and many who frequently perform at the top of their classes, but many girls lose hope when it comes to actually preparing and interviewing for professional technology positions. The Gambia has women in technology fields, but on average there are far fewer females than males.

Women who are studying this field should be encouraged to continue it. Right now, many girls in this field leave it because they think computer jobs are too difficult and they lose confidence at some point. So, HackathonGirls is a platform to bring these girls together and encourage them to continue forward. To solve this, HackathonGirls club of Banjul meets weekly on hands-on training sessions like coding etc, the club is created also to bring in successful women from Gambia’s tech companies to share their experiences and provides a forum for support as girls make the jump from achieving university degrees to landing their first jobs as IT Experts. Obstacles faced were on convincing these girls to join the club, but with motivation and including fun in the sessions and working in groups, they are able to have 10 Tech Girls as members.

Why Mozilla

Mozilla is dedicated to protecting the Web as a global public resource that promotes openness, innovation and opportunity for all. This Web is as important to education as it is to economy, culture and society.

Mozilla, together with partners and collaborators, are striving for universal web literacy with an approach called connected learning. Connected learning is based on research that people learn best if they can combine their personal passions with rigorous academic scaffolding and to make projects with friends, peers and educators. Open networks make this learning possible. We unified our efforts in education in the Mozilla Learning Network. We serve our mission by teaching digital skills in local communities through interest-driven learning and making.

Our goal is to help people become critical consumers, contributors and participants on the Web. If people experience the web as critical to their learning, work and social lives they will better understand their role in helping the Web remain open, accessible and a resource for all.

Mozilla Clubs

Mozilla Clubs are a global network of community members that share Mozilla’s mission to ensure the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all. Mozilla Club of HackathonGirls, Banjul which is one of HackathonGirls project was founded in August 2016 with the aim to support, mentor and inspire the enthusiastic girls who wants to read, write and participate on the web. (Web literacy). The program has had a lot of success so far! As of September 2016.

The club has 5 to 30 learners, and sessions are supported by 3 to 4 volunteers. They welcome a diverse audience, young professionals and youths under the age of 18. Our goal is to expand Mozilla clubs in the Gambia, thereby making it accessible for everyone to get involved and become web literate. Mozilla clubs target group all depends on the club captain and team who decides to run a Mozilla club.


Being the first Mozilla club in The Gambia, the club captain of Mozilla club of HackathonGirls, Banjul, Juma Baldeh, a product engineer and leader from the Gambia will be speaking and presenting the club launching holding on Saturday 6th of May. Also works and creations by the young girls will be displayed and a light talk on Mozilla, Mozilla clubs, WebVr and many more will also be done.

Join us today as a sponsor and take advantage of the opportunity to be a part of the molding and shaping up of our potential future women tech leaders. You will be acknowledged as a sponsor in media materials including media advisories, newspaper and website publications.

Because, in the fullness of time it is about empowering and educating girls
in technology and thus educating a nation.

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