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Harassment of our Authors is Not OK

Yesterday we posted a fantastic story by a 16 year old female developer. I posted it on hacker news after we put it into our publication, which I do for most Code Like A Girl Stories. It exploded on hacker news. I was excited for our young author that people were resonating with her story and what she was doing. The comments were mostly positive and encouraging for her. Of course there were some negative comments on Hacker News, but that is nothing new with commenting on the internet. This morning I was horrified to find this email in my inbox:

“I’ve been given unwanted attention on my social media accounts by older men, as a result, I’m deleting the article and I’m hoping you could delete that post on Hacker News. I keep my social media clean and I never had direct messages from old men attempting to talk to an underage girl. Hopefully, you understand… “

I absolutely understand! No 16 year old girl, or girl of any age, should have to put up with that kind of attention.

I am beyond angry and disgusted that this has happened. Code Like A Girl is a space where we support, and encourage women and girls to choose technology and excel within it. This has had the opposite effect for this very smart and talented young woman.

I hope she will continue to pursue her career in technology, but I am sad I won’t be able to publish more of her amazing work. It could have inspired many more women and girls to do the same.

Today has reinforced my purpose with Code Like A Girl. We will continue to be the voice of women and men that want to see the way the world treats Women In Technology change!