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First our patrons funded our very first employee in June of this year. Now we are starting to fund our English editors.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

We have three levels of editors for the English version of Code Like A Girl.


These are people that review articles with writers to ensure the content fits in Code Like A Girl and corrects any spelling and grammar issues. The story is then handed off to me or an English editor for final review before we publish the story. Thank you to the many people that have recently signed up to help us review stories. This is greatly appreciated.

Associate Editor

This group of people has the ability to both edit and publish the stories in Medium. They are a great help and pick up a couple stories a month for us. They also send the articles they publish to our social media manager to be scheduled for social sharing. Thanks to Mianya Ong and Gauri Ramesh for their work as associate editors.

Mianya Ong (Left) Gauri Ramesh (Right)

English Editor

This is the most senior group. They edit stories as they come in. They also review stories that reviewers have edited with the writer and if everything looks good they publish the stories in Medium. They also submit the stories to our social media manager to be scheduled for social sharing.

The Next Step

Our goal in the long run is to be able to pay each of these groups of people for the work they are doing for Code Like A Girl to help change the perception of women in technology.

Up until this point anyone reviewing, editing or publishing stories for Code Like A Girl has done it on a voluntary basis. We are beyond grateful for the effort that they have put in.

However we want to keep growing our publication and the volume of amazing stories we are getting continues to go up. This puts heavier loads on me and our two English Editors Olivia Mischianti and Ashwin Hariharan.

Olivia Mischianti (Left) Ashwin Hariharan (Right)

They do an amazing job and I want to compensate them for their work by paying them a very nominal amount per story. Without them we just wouldn’t be getting as many stories out for our community to read.

Starting in August they will receive 10$ per story they do all the editing on, publish, and submit to our social media manager. They will receive 5$ per story that they review, publish, and submit for social sharing that our reviewers have already worked with the writers on.

That said we have to cap them at 100$ a month right now due to lack of funds.

We Need Your Help

Help us source, edit, and share more stories each month to change the perception of women in technology by becoming a Code Like a Girl patron.

Dinah Davis
Founder and CEO of Code Like A Girl